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Unmissable architecture events in 2019

Water as the main feature in liveable architecture

Adapting to available space is one element of creative architectural design that adjusts to current realities. Climate change is a pressing issue that this area of study addresses directly. Adapting...

Excellence through the looking glass

All the breadth and scope of a reflecting element can be found in mirrors. A looking glass provides a means of understanding and interpreting space in an astonishing way. The...

“Architecture is less about the artist with a blank canvas, but more akin to a photographer seeking out a composition in time and space”

Form Found Design has a very unique way of understanding architecture, a form of connecting nature and technology. This studio, based in Los Angeles, works to conquer the mastery of...
1 April, 2021

The sublime symbiosis of brick architecture

Versatility and tradition make for overwhelming symbiosis in the construction material par excellence: brick. It…
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Architect María Santos talks about her career.
26 March, 2021

María Santos: ‘Stone is a key element in our ongoing search for timeless spaces’

María Santos made a childhood pastime into her passion. She founded her own studio in…
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Biophilic architecture for a project in Belgium.
5 March, 2021

Biophilic architecture: the sublime connection between architecture and nature

Just as Land Art used natural settings as a bridge to design, biophilic architecture is…
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26 February, 2021

Recycling architecture: the before and after of unique architectural adaptations

Undertaking a project from the foundations up represents a fascinating challenge for any architect. However,…
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19 February, 2021

From the tangible to the artistic: aesthetic similarities in projects distanced by time

There is an unmistakable magic when two architectures uniquely connect. Where aesthetics represents a mere…
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12 February, 2021

Teresa Sapey: ‘The world is our textbook: we can produce more sustainable projects by looking at the world and respecting our surroundings’

Teresa Sapey, the Italian-born architect and interior designer, tells us how she gets involved in…
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Open layouts are among the 2021 architectural trends.
5 February, 2021

Trends in architecture for 2021

After a few difficult months where our energy has focused on a longing for the…
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29 January, 2021

Chromatic architecture for exteriors

Colour in art reflects an incredibly powerful emotional aspect playing with light and shadow. The…
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22 January, 2021

Restaurant architecture projects: where design meets gastronomy

Designing a space that connects to the culture or values of an area undoubtedly represents a huge…
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Nanjing Zenday Himalayas Urban Center, one of Mad Architects' projects.
15 January, 2021

The most outstanding projects from a very different year

After a year that has marked a difference in architecture too, the completion of many…
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