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Unmissable architecture events in 2019

World Design Capital 2022. ‘We want Valencia to be an example in how design can improve a city’

Valencia (Spain) was recently chosen as the World Design Capital. We speak to Xavi Calvo, strategic bid director, about the objectives to be met and what this Mediterranean city brings...

A look at the new quartz designs by Compac

The three new designs from COMPAC, The Surfaces Company have expanded its premium Unique Collection™ to a selection of eight. The new additions are Unique Carrara ™, Unique Bianco ™...

Technological quartz as an alternative to veined marble for interior design

Architects have valued natural marble for centuries. Its beauty and technical features have made it an essential material and some quarries such as Carrara are mythical spots in western culture...
Interior design
16 May, 2019

Combining quartz and marble in interior design

Quartz and marble are highly multipurpose materials when combined with other textures. A good example…
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Interior designInterviews
3 May, 2019

Rocío Esquilas: ‘Light is the most important ingredient in a design project’

An interview with Rocío Esquilas, interior designer at Roma & Ro.  We talk to Rocío…
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Interior designSolutions
26 April, 2019

Professional kitchen design: temperatures and resistance

David Pallás, a benchmark master chocolatier in the pastry world, passes on his cocoa-flavoured knowledge…
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15 April, 2019

Ebook 1. Architecture and design articles on your device

The Decorative Surfaces is also available on your device as an ebook offering architecture and…
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8 April, 2019

‘There is a “right-now” problem in the media that impedes a more thoughtful reflection on architecture or that sidesteps occasional controversies’

We speak to David García-Asenjo, an architect specialising in construction and a Doctor of Advanced…
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1 April, 2019

Crater: where technology and art meet

Designed by Arik Levy, Crater is an ode to the alliance of technology and art.…
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Interior designInterviews
15 March, 2019

Teresa Casas: ‘We have to stop cloning houses, offices and shops’

We chat to Teresa Casas, chair of the General Council of Official Associations of Interior…
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