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Unmissable architecture events in 2019

‘Schools need to be more than just for teaching and become dynamic elements in cities’

Gabriel Verd is a widely experienced architect in school design. We speak to him about the key features to creating these spaces. Which project or projects are you working on...

Combining quartz and marble in interior design

Quartz and marble are highly multipurpose materials when combined with other textures. A good example of this is the work done by Janfri & Ranchal—a renowned Spanish architecture and interior...

Rocío Esquilas: ‘Light is the most important ingredient in a design project’

An interview with Rocío Esquilas, interior designer at Roma & Ro.  We talk to Rocío Esquilas, an avid social media user, about social networks and her take on the profession....
20 December, 2018

Ramón Esteve: Architecture is shifting towards greater concern with integrating buildings into the natural environment

Ramón Esteve is a current benchmark in Spanish architecture, working on projects that include major…
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14 December, 2018

Marble: an architectural ally in earthquake zones

Compac marble in an Asian mall Building design has to take into account a huge…
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30 November, 2018

How to attain energy efficiency with good architectural planning

Energy efficiency is a core issue for sustainability and as such, it is a sound…
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23 November, 2018

Continuous flooring: a solution for the Norman Foster Foundation

Creating flawless, fully continuous marble flooring, without any join or tonal difference—this was the challenge…
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Dinara Kasko
15 November, 2018

Dinara Kasko, the architect of the desserts

What do architecture and bakery have in common? Dinara Kasko is an architect who applies…
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8 November, 2018

Arik Levy uses Ice Black for the floor installation in his gallery at the Swarovsky museum

The artist and designer Arik Levy has chosen COMPAC Surfaces to be part of the…
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26 October, 2018

COMPAC brings its designs to professionals in Florida

Yesterday, the city of Aventura, Miami-Dade County, celebrated the opening of COMPAC’s latest US showroom.…
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19 October, 2018

The most popular buildings on Instagram

When we say instagrammable, we mean the standout visuals of a particular place, so an…
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17 October, 2018

Architecture and the Circular Economy: a pending partnership

Global warming is a responsibility shared by us all and not just by politicians who…
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