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María González and Juanjo López de la Cruz, two architects trained at the Seville School of Architecture, founded the SOL89 studio. Their approach focuses on exploring intermediate urban spaces and...

Heritage and cultural architecture

Architectural heritage and culture is a tangible testimony to the past and the quintessential nature of a society that endures over time. Therefore, it reflects the wealth of history, identity...

Public Spaces: Forging the Soul of the City

Since ancient times, cities have been at the heart of social, cultural and economic exchange. With their architecture, public spaces transcend mere utility, as the fundamental pillars that define a...
Vista del amanecer de Midtown Manhattan
2 June, 2023

Skyscraper architecture

Skyscraper architecture has left an imposing mark on major world cities as one of the…
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19 May, 2023

Light and modular architecture

Adaptability, reduced environmental impact, that complements and merges with natural environments. Modular architecture has evolved…
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12 May, 2023

Lacol ‘’We believe our work affects people and society and, in turn, our way of life’’

Lacol Cooperativa de Arquitectos (Cooperative of Architects) was founded in 2009 by a group of…
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5 May, 2023

The world’s best libraries: unique architecture, iconic exteriors and modern, transgressive interiors

Fantasy, imagination, creativity, emotion and literature. Throughout the centuries, libraries have been a source of…
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28 April, 2023

Smart homes: domotic architecture and the new architectural paradigm

Smart home control centre - IStock Photo Comfort, intelligence, efficiency, safety and security are synonymous…
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14 April, 2023

The Metaverse and Architecture. The visual, immersive and hyper-realistic world that’s here to change our lives

Image 1. The Metaverse allows us to design entire cities. Patrick Schneider on Unsplash We’re…
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31 March, 2023

The loft or the revival of a dynamic, versatile and modern space in the city

Illustration 1 - Aaron Huber On Unsplash The loft is an architectural concept that takes…
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24 March, 2023

The artistic universe of COMPAC® awakens creativity at KBIS 2023

For the last six years, COMPAC® has been a presence at KBIS, the largest international…
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10 March, 2023

Architecture as a connection between city and nature

In order to progress in their spatial habitat the human species has always faced the…
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