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COMPAC® participated for the seventh consecutive year in KBIS, the most important trade fair for the Kitchen & Bath sector held in Las Vegas. The Spanish company unveiled the designs and innovations that will inspire the interior design and architecture of the present and future.

Image 1: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

KBIS is a key event for presenting new COMPAC® products to the international market. The fair is held jointly with the International Builders’ Show (IBS) as part of Design & Construction Week. It’s the largest annual design and construction event in the United States.

Deeply committed to creating projects with their own identity, the Spanish multinational has presented the new Luxury Collection™ and the new Obsidiana and Terrazzo products for the first time in the US.

Image 2: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

Luxury Collection™ at KBIS 2024

At the heart of innovation and elegance, COMPAC® has unveiled its new Luxury Collection™ at KBIS 2024, a line that redefines the parameters of luxury in interior design.

Inspired and defined by disinction and delicacy, three exclusive designs stand out: Luxury Vagli Oro™, Luxury Vagli Macchia Vecchia™ and Luxury Borghini™. All of them feature veins of different shapes and intensities to achieve greater depth in ambiences.

Image 3: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

With its three exclusive designs, this collection promises to take the concept of luxury to a new dimension, where sophistication meets subtlety in perfect harmony. The Luxury Collection™ products stand out for their quality certificates, such as the NSF certificate, IQ Circulas Science and the EPD certificate.

Very high performance in terms of resistance to scratches, stains, dirt, water, and humidity. Thanks to the absence of pores, microbial growth cannot form and dirt cannot penetrate the surface. For all these reasons, this material has been internationally recognised on numerous occasions with renowned awards, such as the RED DOT Best of The Best, iF Design Award and the German Design Award among others.

Terrazzo and New Products at KBIS 2024

COMPAC®’s innovations of Terrazzo have transformed this classic material, raising its functional and aesthetic capabilities to meet the demands of contemporary architecture and design. preserves the authenticity of natural stone and extends its applicability to modern construction projects. Created to be resistant and design projects with maximum durability over time. The innovative Terrazzo stands out for the exclusive details of each piece.

COMPAC® has managed to increase the material’s robustness and strength, making it ideal for any type of surface and, in particular, for those exposed to greater wear due to environmental factors or intensive use with the Terrazzo High Performance Stone (HPS). It’s worth noting the versatility of this material in different applications, allowing you to create environments that are marked by its strong personality.

Image 4: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

COMPAC® has revamped Terrazzo’s image with the Micro line, an elegant chromatic range with a subtle pattern. It features HPS Classic, with a more traditional style, and HPS Petra, with its own sophisticated style, which includes three new designs for 2024: HPSPetra Titanium™, HPS Petra Nublo™  and HPS Petra Bosco™.

Image 5: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

Combining strength and beauty, Terrazzo COMPAC® HPS  is the preferred choice for those seeking durability without compromising style in their spaces. A strong and mouldable material with remarkable resistance and durability over time. With these updated designs, COMPAC® invites you to rediscover the Terrazzo collection. Contemporary solutions that embrace the wealth of its heritage while projecting it into the future of design.

New Obsidiana Products

The Obsidiana series represents the company’s unwavering commitment to integrating innovation and sustainability into the realm of modern architecture. Made from 100% recycled glass, this surface is distinguished by its complete sustainability throughout its life cycle, an aspect that has been praised by renowned architectural firms. It has won multiple awards for its exceptional designs and its contribution to protecting the environment. The 2024 additions, Obsidian Volcano Cool™, Obsidian Volcano Dim™ and Obsidian Volcano Warm™, expand this distinctive collection, enriching the range with styles that express a unique and profound identity.

Obsidiana COMPAC® is inspired by the shapes, textures and grandeur of nature and boasts top range performance, finish and beauty. An unrivalled material that has won several prestigious awards and global recognition. It’s worth highlighting the strength and subtlety of the Obsidiana collection, which creates environments marked by its strong personality. Its details are suitable for a variety applications: interiors, vanity units, washbasins, worktops, kitchens, wall cladding, shelving, shower trays and backsplashes.

Obsidiana COMPAC® brings a fresh dimension to each project. It allows architects and designers the freedom to incorporate these sustainable surfaces into projects that seek not only aesthetics and functionality, but also low environmental impact.

Image 6: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

Image 6: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

The expansion of the Obsidiana series with these Volcano models highlights the company’s vision of the future, where sustainability and design go hand in hand, redefining the possibilities of creating conscious and responsible spaces.

Image 7: COMPAC® stand at KBIS 2024, Las Vegas. Source: Image provided by COMPAC®.

Global recognition of COMPAC® excellence

The experts who visited the COMPAC® space during KBIS 2024 had the opportunity to appreciate the wide variety of designs, textures and finishes, its countless applications and the latest designs, which managed to captivate all their senses and meet the needs of the most challenging projects in the field of architecture and interior design.

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