MUTMUT and its ability to combine creativity with functionality

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MUTMUT is an Architecture Workshop founded by Alejandro Moreno and Pablo Muñoz. After numerous collaborations in various national and international projects and competitions, they decided to set up the studio in 2021. Having received training at the Technical University of Valencia from architects such as Eduardo de Miguel and Enrique Fernández-Vivancos, and at the University of Antwerp in Belgium alongside Koen van Bockstal, their professional endeavours have been influenced by both schools. As such, they have established a narrative that defines their projects, and that is able to adapt to each of these and, at the same time, convey the foundations that identify them. 


Why the Architecture Workshop? 

The word “Workshop” refers to our desire to recover the value of manual work in our studio. Ever since the initial stages of the project, we have been involved in drawing up various sketches and mock-ups, and we have taken that approach to creating large-scale models to facilitate comprehension and reflection around projects. Our way of understanding the construction of a city and spaces is with our hands, and that’s why our studio looks more like a workshop than an office.  

 In your speech, you mention the value of time more than once. What does that mean to you?  

We believe that we build value through time. Our goal is to create projects that generate social, architectural and financial value. Recognising the role of architecture in society, we consider our sites to be catalysts for interaction and exchange, and we design settings with the intention of transforming the urban setting.  

 How does time relate to your understanding of sustainability? 

Every project is different; as, too, are the sustainable values on which it stands. That’s why we adapt our approach to each job. We believe that sustainable design involves ensuring energy efficiency and the conscious employment of natural resources. But, it’s also about creating architecture that endures, is long-lasting and adaptable to any changes in the long-term urban and social context. It is for that reason that we try to rely on the ability of time to validate our sites.

Which materials do you rely on to build sites that last? 

We believe that natural materials age better over the course of the years, and wherever possible, we incorporate these in our sites. Specifically, we often use natural stones such as quartzites, which produce some interesting reflections in sunlight. However, we are always open to trying new products. In fact, we are currently developing some items of furniture made with recycled plastics, which we will display soon. 


Despite being so young, you have managed to complete so many sites. Some of these have even been nominated for the prestigious YTAA – EU Mies Award in 2023. Tell us, where do you find yourselves now? 

We are in an exciting stage of our journey. We have managed to increase both the quantity and scale of our projects without compromising on the quality that defines us. We have experienced constant growth and we have expanded our team with many co-workers and professionals who work with us on a daily basis. We are proud of this progress and excited to see what the future holds for us. We remain committed to growing, learning and facing new challenges with enthusiasm and dedication. We are lucky to have people who support us, trust us and allow us to enjoy our work.  

Which projects would you like to work on in the near future? 

We are currently very comfortable working on projects of different scales, so we would like to continue learning in this way. During this time, we have been particularly attracted to research and innovation in the field of housing, although we are also drawn to the complexity of urban transformation and larger-scale involvement.


We want to express our thanks to Alejandro Moreno and Pablo Muñoz at MUTMUT for sharing their time and knowledge in this interview. Their ability to combine creativity with functionality in their projects is truly inspiring. We wish them success in their future projects and we are sure they will continue to leave their mark on the world of architecture. 

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