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María González and Juanjo López de la Cruz, two architects trained at the Seville School of Architecture, founded the SOL89 studio. Their approach focuses on exploring intermediate urban spaces and...

Heritage and cultural architecture

Architectural heritage and culture is a tangible testimony to the past and the quintessential nature of a society that endures over time. Therefore, it reflects the wealth of history, identity...

Public Spaces: Forging the Soul of the City

Since ancient times, cities have been at the heart of social, cultural and economic exchange. With their architecture, public spaces transcend mere utility, as the fundamental pillars that define a...
White marble
7 July, 2017

White marble: the versatility of the quintessential decorative surface

White marble characteristics such as versatility, timeless or elegance turn this surface into the most…
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Pavillion sir Norman Foster foundation
6 July, 2017

Sir Norman Foster chooses Madrid for the headquarters of its foundation

Sir Norman Foster, one of the most important architects, has chosen to locate the headquarters…
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