2018 Trends in decor and interiors: Discover the new tendencies we’ll see in interior design this coming year

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A year of bold statements

According to many of the top designers, 2018 will bring new statement in flooring. Opulent and rich floors inspired by natural marbles, as well as funky designs and colours that will bring some fun to your feet. Following Fall 2017, we will sort of say goodbye to bright white kitchens. Expect to see more colour, more earthen reds and browns and bigger contrasts.

It looks like 2018 is shaping up to be the year of bold statement.

Wonder why?

Down here for dancing – Floors that send a message

It’s nice to see the floor being considered. It’s a functional part of a room for obvious reasons, so why not give it some pizzazz and allow the plodding, boring, useful floor some time in the spotlight?

There are many options; it depends on what you want to say.


Opt for a stunning, Greek reverential bow to introduce guests with a serious and powerful floor inspired by natural marble.
Engineered quartz designs in COMPAC’s UNIQUE Collection could be a great choice if you want to give your floor a marble look alike but with all the benefits of technological quartz.
Now that the shackles are off, you can build your room around the floor and bring both colour and texture to the room. Maintenance? Almost zero. Engineered quartz has a really low maintenance, it’s non-porous and highly resistant. Make an announcement to your visitors.


What better way to make a clear contrast in your room than with a bright, comfy carpet to warm your cockles and introduce emotion to the room. In 2018 we’re expecting to see more colour in the floor being introduced with carpet. It’s cheap enough, and you can a huge range of colours designs.


From the posts going up on Pinterest, people aren’t stopping with just the floor. These bold patterns are being replicated on the ceiling making for a busy imprint on the eyes. It feels like a true full-circle turn from minimalism – “maximalism”, you might say.

There’s a red in my kitchen

We can expect to see these moodier tones staying en vogue through 2018. Also creating that deep contrast that some pretty powerful reds and earthen browns. These colours can be incorporated through various materials. Using metals to bring that sexy and moody red will create a powerful contrast. Imagine smooth, matte black featuring with white marbles, and hints of colour accenting dotted around. The trend for 2018 will be a shift towards high contrast and impulsive deep colours.
What we are most looking forward to from these bolder colours will be the emotion created from the deep purples and the dark emerald greens. Expect to see a shift towards some real theatre in 2018 interiors.

Wash your woes away – Spa bathrooms

Spas seem to be everywhere these days. So why not have a spa right at home? Using soft, natural tones, natural fabrics and a neutral overall theme you can give your own that feeling of being in a spa without have to travel to the Caribbean.
Using natural stone, marble, and dark hued wood, the luxurious atmosphere of a spa can be recreated so you can really relax, and enjoy your bathroom. Expect to see more spa-like bathrooms as a trend in 2018.

Flower Power

Coming back into fashion is that chintzy, floral look synonymous with the early 90s which can be recreated cheaply, and break up lines. Window features, wall stickers, cushions and sofas will have more floral patterns.
But this is 2018, right?
Yes. So things are going to be a lot funkier, turquoises, greens and shock-pink, in a more vectored style than the stuffy old florals. It going to be great to see where this goes and how florals can be incorporated into 2018 designs.

A totally tropically taste

And finally, oddly, we will be witnessing the first crusade of the pineapple in 2018. Pinterest has recorded a huge growth in pineapples in interior decor; porcelain, postered, and painted.

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