Engineered quartz: discover its power for decoration

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Engineered Quartz brings the latest materials technology to the pure, unadulterated power of natural stone. The veining can create surprise with its random, water-like flowing channels, and offers strength and assuredness in its hardness and its durability.

Engineered quartz combines technology with natural purity

The technology inherent in Unique Engineered Quartz offers huge benefits to your interior. It is anti-scratch and impervious to staining without sealant. Using natural quartz and introducing applied technologies to improve its performance, Engineered Quartz brings the aesthetic qualities of natural stone in line with the needs of the modern household; it is the perfect material that mixes functionality with design and creativity.

Engineered Quartz can lift your design to the next level using its inherent flowing lines and natural finishing. It gives you the very latest in materials technology and also the benefits that natural stone offer in creating an opulent, high-end interior design.

Unique engineered quartz as a design solution for the perfect interior

The clean and graceful lines of the Unique Quartz range from Compac deliver the perfect material to disperse the lines of your interior, creating new and inspiring shapes and contours that will energise and embolden your designs.

Our Unique Engineered Quartz range offers five inspirational natural stone products that can transform your interior with new sensations. From the soft tones of Argento to the deep and powerful colouring of Marquina, this range gives you the choice of material you need to complement your spaces perfectly, whether they are designed for luminosity and purity or for powerful sophistication.

Unique Calacatta

Calacatta Engineered Quartz contrasts a natural pure white with dark veining that undulates and flows through the stone. Each piece is as unique as a snowflake, no two pieces are ever the same, giving your interior individuality and exclusivity.

Calacatta makes a powerful and unforgettable statement in your design. The inclusion of Calacatta tempers your interior with pure natural light inherent in its characteristic luminosity. The pure quality of this material is both energetic and distinctive. It is a robust and durable material that provides a youthful vigour and an experienced touch of class.

Unique Marquina

Sophisticated, mature, seasoned, enchanting. Marquina is the soothing and unimbued power of twilight. The feel and touch of Marquina is solid and reassuring, bringing new characteristics to your interiors.

This dark stone shimmers with sparkling veining that easily adapts to any interior, offering a powerful statement, capable of creating a smooth atmosphere through simple quality, style and good taste.

The originality of Marquina is an invigorating and refreshing experience that can boost a design from a fundamental level. It is refined and sophisticated, providing immediate impact and assurance with a material that is both beautiful and completely Unique.

Unique Venatino

The crackling and sparking veins running through this material offer an unchecked wildness which runs through the surface, reflecting light and developing powerful shapes that cut through designs with a strong and elegant character.

The soft greys inherent in this material incorporate perfectly into various designs creating a timeless feel which will give your design longevity and permanence. Contrasted against the free-flowing veining this material is both wild and stable, like a frozen waterfall it is both strong and turbulent.

Unique Arabescato

Arabescato is luminescent, bringing light and illumination. Subtle greys flow through the material in organic and decisive forms that are both completely unique and reassuringly strong. The brightness of this stone is a lively and warm addition to any interior.

Arabescato stone fuses the purity of white with dazzling radiance, creating a space that is unclouded and natural. Streaked with pale grey and with an inherent whiteness throughout the stone, this is a clean and neat material that gives off freshness and grace.

Unique Argento

Establish your space and create modern elegant design with Argento Engineered Quartz. It is a clean, subtle grey-silver which reflects the combination of night and day blending the sensations and atmospheres of both relaxation and vivid life.

Argento is a soft grey-silver material in tone with veining that bursts in authentic white or glimmers with softer silver tones. Its natural colour is accomplished and functional, working to create a fissure in your design, breaking up the lines with a compelling and energetic statement.

Engineered quartz by COMPAC

However you choose to incorporate Engineered Quartz into your design, the Unique range has a wealth of qualities that will offer you the perfect solution, combining durability, strength, and the perfect means of encompassing natural stone to create exclusivity and power.

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