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COMPAC presents its latest quartz collections in KBIS 2018

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KBIS 2018, the largest and most important kitchen and bathroom trade show in the USA will start in less than a week in Orlando. COMPAC The Surfaces Company will be there presenting a new booth concept to showcase its latest quartz collections: Unique Collection™ and ICE of Genesis by Arik Levy.

The space that COMPAC will exhibit in KBIS has been designed in collaboration with two design studios based in Valencia (Spain) Janfri & Ranchal and GG Architects, and has a terrace, kitchen and bathroom area.

Functionality and design for the most important areas of the house

The first part of the booth conceptualizes a terrace area divided into three small spaces. Each of them will have the floor and the wall covering with quartz from the UNIQUE Collection ™, specifically the designs used in each space will be Unique Argento™, Unique Marquina™ and Unique Venatino™.

In this terrace area will also be exhibited specific furniture that will invite attendees to relax and enjoy the atmosphere generated in the booth.

The second room is inspired in the kitchen area, with a long table that will display two designs from the ICE of Genesis collection, Ice White and Ice Black. The ICE of Genesis collection designed by Arik Levy is inspired by the glaciers and the frozen lakes of the Arctic.

This collection is COMPAC’s premium collection of quartz and it’s categorized within the brand’s portfolio as Identity for transmitting all the values ​​and philosophies of the company. With this collection COMPAC wants to show to the world that there are no limits when it comes to creating surfaces.


The third and last area of ​​the booth is dedicated to the bathroom. It will be a more closed space giving rise to a quiet and relaxing area. This area is closed, dark, calm, it is destined to be a relaxed “island” in the middle of a huge, noisy and busy fair. The “star” of this area is a sculpture, also called Hammam, a quartz sculpture based on the ancient culture of the bathroom.

COMPAC’s values represented in a sculptural design piece

The sculptural piece is made of COMPAC engineered quartz. The inner part is Unique Marquina™ and the part that externally covers the entire sculpture is Unique Calacatta™. This “Hammam” is designed by GG Arquitects and is built with quartz slabs with a mitered shape, forming infinite edges that give it a modernist and minimalist appearance to recreate the evolution of this typical element in the culture of the Middle East bathroom.

One of the most important and impressive features of the piece is the continuity of the vein through all the piece. The sculpture weighs 1,200 Kg and has a length of 4.8 meters by 1.80 meters in length, made entirely in Spain.
The space where the central piece is located is covered with Unique Calacatta™ walls in which a latticework of stars carved on the material is represented. This decorative element brings to the space a feeling of relaxation and allows the visitor to transport to an old Turkish bath.

The material used is COMPAC engineered quartz from the UNIQUE Collection™ that offers high decorative possibilities as well as capacity, versatility and great durability.

Thanks to its ability to endure over time and its great decorative power, the UNIQUE quartz collection becomes a sure bet for elegance and naturalness in any space, both classic and modern styles.

COMPAC wants to show with this booth the possibilities of the material that allows architects and designers to create anything you can imagine. The versatility of the material allows to conceive spectacular design and architecture projects such as the one presented at KBIS 2018, a space that integrates the most important areas of a home conceived with high quality materials.

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