COMPAC takes sustainability to new heights

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A few weeks ago, COMPAC won the sustainability award at the KBIS fair, in recognition of its environmental commitment. It is no coincidence that the Spanish firm was given this award at the world’s top fair for bathroom and kitchen interior design. COMPAC has been setting the pace in terms of eco-sustainable practices for years.

Reusing Water

It’s no wonder that the company’s primary objective is to manufacture its products from either raw materials that are recycled or made from renewable resources. It has been pursuing this objective since 1981 when COMPAC built the first water recovery and reuse plant. The plant was the most advanced in its day; 50% of all water was reused even when no regulations required this type of water processing. Nowadays, the firm reuses over 95% of its water.

COMPAC reuses 95% of its water

Reforestation Programme

Twenty years later, in 2003, the decorative surfaces brand for bathrooms and kitchens decided to implement an environmental policy. This initiative to offset its CO2 emissions. It did through a reforestation programme at its Abrantes factory in Portugal. Expectations were exceeded and, as of today, COMPAC has managed to plant over 30,000 autochthonous trees in Portugal, which surpasses its goal by over a third of the initial objective.

COMPAC has a reforestation programme in Portugal

Clean Energy and Recycling Resources

Moreover, the KBIS 2020 award-winning brand manufactures only uses 100% renewable electric energy when producing its materials. In this sense, the company’s efforts lie both in generating clean energy and recycling previously used resources with management policies that pursue ‘zero waste’ goals.

Therefore, all the waste from the company’s manufacturing processes is separated into paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, organic waste, used batteries, etc. This meticulous waste separation aims to promote recycling and the proper value of resources. Therefore, all our warehouses are equipped with the proper facilities to recycle. However, clean production and recycling have to go far beyond our factories.

New Sustainable Materials

Lastly, in addition to its environmentally sustainable processes, it’s worth highlighting that COMPAC’s range of materials have also followed the goals set by the company since its early days. Alongside the brand’s classic materials—marble and quartz—the firm has, not surprisingly, now added two further sustainable sources: Petra and Obsidian.

COMPAC presents new sustainable materials such as ObsidianIn short, it was the company’s general efforts in sustainability and its environmental commitment that led the SUSTAINABILITY AWARD jury to select COMPAC as a winner.

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