Four elements for a new era

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COMPAC elements: quartz, marble, petra and obsidian.

The partnership between architecture and interior design will be dominated in this new era by four elements which will be key to reach the sector’s full potential. These elements are: Quartz, Marble, Petra and Obsidian; all of which are elements offered by COMPAC.

Each one has its own characteristics and advantages which makes them special and complementary. However, they still manage to converge in an artistic point of union. These four elements can be used to create artistic pieces, which are destined to set trends in this new era.


Furthermore, a closer look allows us to easily notice the elements’ strengths and uses which make them stand out above all others. For example, COMPAC and the designer Arik Levy used quartz to create the piece Mineral Mass. This giant quartz kitchen island appears to float within the space like a white iceberg, situating itself in the centre and drawing in the life that revolves around it. Functionally, it is a kitchen island, however, it can also be seen as an artistic sculpture.


Meanwhile, marble manages to transcend time and conquer the professionals of the new era thanks to how natural it is. This allows interior designed and decorators across the globe to combine essence and innovation. Similarly, COMPAC’s technological marble is incredibly versatile and can provide natural sophistication. In turn, it can also be used to make collector-worthy pieces of art, such as the sculptures designed by Arik Levy for the Palazzo Crivelli in Milan.


Petra is the third element of this new era and helps multiply the possibilities for new interior design trends. Once again, this material’s main strength is its versatility. Its resistance and 3D manufacturing process allow it to come in limitless textures and shapes, which opens up new horizons for seamless worktops and bathroom surfaces. Petra, alongside Obsidian, is one of COMPAC’s greatest innovations in 2020.


Lastly, this list of elements is rounded out by Obsidian. which reinforces possibilities in innovation through sustainability. Although the other elements are also sustainable, Obsidian is perhaps the one that will enhance this aspect the most. It is a hugely durable and resistant surface which is made from recycled raw materials. The iconic Waterstorm bathtub, designed by Arik Levy for COMPAC, is one of the most important creations made from Obsidian.

Piezas diseñadas por Arik Levy para COMPAC

In broad terms, these four elements are set to take architecture and interior design to a new level, a new era. Possibly five, if we also include the professional who will artistically reinterpret them in their style, “in their art”. They all offer their own characteristics and are strengthened to sustain the sector’s future that looks to be tremendously exciting.

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