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Exterior design with technological marble

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After looking at using marble for interiors and façade design, in this article we will be turning our attention to exterior design with technological marble.

Technological marble mainly has three types of uses: exterior fixtures and fittings, paving and architectural elements such as flashing.

A good example of marble exterior fittings is the COMPAC project in partnership with the designer Arik Levy and the lighting design company Delta Light in Milan. Levy created a functional, attractive and appealing design for the gardens of the Palazzo Crivelli, designing a series of technological marble sculptures that could be used as street furniture.  The form and structure of the set perfectly combine and harmonise with the open-air green setting.  Technological marbles always starts with a large block, making it very easy to create street furniture pieces through cuts based on 3D designs. Moreover, it is highly pliable and has no internal fissures, meaning it does not crack. It is also highly resistant against non-stop use and blows (and possible vandalism).


Use in paving and architectural elements

When using technological marble for external paving, a bush-hammered finish is recommended. In this way, any slipping hazard is avoided and user safety increased.  One of its most interesting features is its standard hues, enabling large-scale paving to be created that functions as a single piece. Technological marble is also commonly used for stairs—adding a highly decorative touch—and flashing. In both instances, marble offers a wide range of thickness and edging types (rounded, chamfering, half-round, bullnose…), making it a great choice to achieve a highly tailored finish for any project.


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