The shape of commitment through unique COMPAC designs at Design Shanghai 2021

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The convergence of innovation, technology and sustainability morphs into exclusivity in the high-end designs presented by COMPAC The Decorative Surfaces Company at the latest edition of Design Shanghai. The outstanding materials developed by COMPAC The Decorative Surfaces Company once again marked a quality benchmark. They set a precedent in the Chinese design community.

Ice White at Design Shanghai 2021

In 2021, COMPAC The Surfaces Company has unveiled itself through its content. It’s conjured a sublime ambiance with its content, amazing curious onlookers and prominent international experts. The beating heart of design enabled architects and designers from Asia to appreciate the exclusive materials based on a tactile, artistic and sensorial experience.

Quality through tactile experience

Tangibility was on display at Design Shanghai 2021. COMPAC The Surfaces Company responded by provide a hands-on experience of the quality of its designs.

The vertical morphology of COMPAC’s exclusive materials embodied the brand’s approach, enabling a reciprocal reach between East and West.

A visitor at COMPAC's stand at Design Shanghai 2021.

Luxury, product beauty and the applications of each surface morphed into an opportunity. One where international architects and designers could take in the innovation spearheaded by COMPAC The Surfaces Company.

Avant-garde and non-conformity are the beating heart of a company that has set international trends through differentiation, sustainability and technology.

Cathartic design through artistic expression

The artistic representation of the materials by COMPAC The Surfaces Company was materialised through a comprehensive aesthetic experience. The ethereal art installation was designed by the prestigious artist Arik Levy for Design Shanghai 2021. It offered visitors the chance to appreciate COMPAC’s materials in-depth through a conceptual experience.

COMPAC, present at Design Shanghai 2021.

The importance of the objectual order of elements was not the main protagonist. Rather it’s the sense and ordering of objects that radiates from the world of ideas and personified through COMPAC‘s materials as interpreted by Levy. Those ideas that originate and are substantiated by the artist’s concepts. Both a physical and intangible nature invoked an artistic catharsis for those who visited us at Design Shanghai 2021.

The visual display of the vertical void creates a harmonious relationship with the resulting horizontal element.

Working with the Ice of Genesis Collection from Quartz COMPAC, Levy stimulates our senses. We enter into the surprising transparency of a sustainable material that aligns with a contemporary approach through the use of the latest technology.

Sustainability through sensory language

The range of uses for COMPAC The Surfaces Company surfaces had a major presence in the speech from renowned designer Diego Fuertes Pedrosa. The designer focuses on regenerative design and sustainability. He reiterated his collaboration with COMPAC in creating an innovative product.

Tap designed by Diego Fuertes at Design Shanghai 2021.

The Fuertes-designed tap reduces water and electricity consumption. It serves as an element to reflect on a future committed to the environment as it’s made from 100% recycled and recyclable material. It is finished in Obsidiana COMPAC, specifically Volcano Dark from the Volcano Collection.

Speech by Diego Fuertes at Design Shanghai 2021.

COMPAC The Surfaces Companys collaboration with experts, architects, designers and international artists reaffirms the company’s own philosophy. Once again, this year the firm’s renowned approach was heralded through its attendance at one of the most important design fairs in the world.

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