Asian connections through COMPAC design

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Shanghai becomes the beating heart of design as one of the most prestigious international fairs on the globe begins: Design Shanghai. COMPAC The Surfaces Company will be exhibiting a marvellous selection, developing and setting precedents amongst China’s design community.

Design Shanghai during previous editions.

Previous editions of Design Shanghai

COMPAC The Surfaces Company will be attending Design Shanghai, an event renowned for its exclusivity. The brand’s quality and distinctiveness will be showcased on the international market. COMPAC The Surfaces Company manufactures and distributes high-quality decorative surfaces in over 90 countries, characterised by commitment and professionalism. The company’s designs make it possible for architects and interior designers in the Asian market to expand out towards new territories, such as our own.

Design Shanghai: the nerve centre for design in China

The ever-expanding Design Shanghai is the perfect place to discover the soul of COMPAC The Surfaces Company. This is done through its approach, unique designs and high-quality materials.

In 2021, Design Shanghai will take up 25% more space at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. More than 70,000 professionals and visitors will attend the event, as well as 400 international brands from 30 countries and regions. This explains its reputation as an epicentre for the most innovative aspects of design. It will attract renowned guest speakers such as Thomas Heatherwick.

Life at Design Shanghai.

Previous editions of Design Shanghai

It’s a superb atmosphere where the best brands and design gallery’s from around the globe will be present. The essence of COMPAC The Surfaces Company will be magically materialised in an exquisite display by renowned artist and designer Arik Levy.

Visitors will be able to build ties with COMPAC The Surfaces Company in a space structured around one of its most extraordinary designs, created in collaboration with Levy. The piece is part of the Ice of Genesis from Quartz COMPAC.

A creative aura through dialogue between innovation and exclusivity

This prestigious event lends creative reflection to everyday life based around the concept of beauty. In this vein, the Design in the City section fosters a parallel exploration of new channels through innovation.

In turn, Design Shanghai Picks evoke recognition of the sensibility reflected at the event. This section takes an in-depth look at great influences with regard to the convergence of design, art, technicality and relevance. It’s a way to establish a cultural dialogue, and the present and past through luxury design.

The New Materials Design and Application Awards were established to bridge the gap in new material development and their applications in the sector. The dedication to intimately exploring beauty, sustainability and respect for heritage is the true guiding light of curious minds. This, alongside the creativity at corporations and brands such as COMPAC The Surfaces Company, and the work done in developing and using new materials.

At the crossroads of the most vanguard minds in the world of design, Design Shanghai offers direct contact with global influence. It does so through the Kohler Exquisite x Design Shanghai Design Forum. The programme has over 100 inspiring leaders from the industry. Based on the strength and power of innovation, it establishes a dialogue. The dialogue embodies the heart of what COMPAC The Surfaces Company aims to achieve: constructing an inspiring and committed future. In turn, the Design Shanghai Innovation Workshop showcases design exclusivity realised in different sector products.

The elevation of design through the prism of COMPAC The Surfaces Company

This influential event, including the attendance of COMPAC The Surfaces Company, lifts the Asian design sector towards new horizons. The relevance of COMPAC‘s exclusive designs, quality and commitment will once again be clear at the event. It’s a place where Eastern and Western philosophy meet and converge. Furthermore, it’s where the contemporary, the classic and luxury design are set to create an ideal atmosphere in the beating heart of Asian design.

Arik Levy's design at Design Shanghai.

COMPAC The Surfaces Company will be present at this leading event from 3rd to 6th June, setting new sublime trends with our unique and exclusive designs.

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