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Interior design tips to deck the halls at Christmas

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Consejos para decorar tu casa en Navidad

Christmas lights are starting to appear on our streets alongside giant Christmas trees in our town squares — all signs that Christmas is around the corner. In little over a week, we will be saying goodbye to 2019 in both public spaces and private circles, including the place that’s the most special in our hearts: our homes.

Christmas is a time for welcoming our loved ones into our home, which means it’s worth dedicating a little time to decorating the house. Our guests will appreciate it and so will we. The festive décor will raise our Christmas spirits in our private moments at home. So, which decorative features suit our homes the best?

How to decorate my house for Christmas?

We offer a few tips below, taken from interior design magazines and sector professionals. Based on the advice below, it is especially worthwhile to focus on the two major Christmas decorations and design trends for 2019: minimalism and organic features.

Go for one or two colours and a specific style

It doesn’t matter which colour you choose, what’s important is keeping all your Christmas décor consistent. This consistency comes from choosing details and hues that are similar. A good strategy is selecting two standout colours that you can mix and match. One simple approach is choosing white and pairing it with a pastel hue to create a relaxed winter feeling.

Go easy on the decorations on the tree

The size of your tree is a personal preference but, as mentioned in the previous tip, it’s a good idea to not overload the branches with decorative elements. A good strategy would be to, once again, follow the rule of combining in pairs by choosing two elements to focus on. In most cases, baubles are likely to remain the key preference when it comes to carrying the weight of the Christmas décor.

An original alternative to a typical Christmas tree is using a decorative vinyl in the shape of a Christmas tree. The idea here is to cut back on materials and add a fun dynamic touch. It’s ideal for this time of year that’s usually enjoyed with the little ones at home.

Cómo decorar el árbol de Navidad

Focus attention on one spot

Again, this approach is about consistency and follows the suggestions from previous tips. One recommendation is to focus most of the décor in one specific spot, so there’s not too much impact on the rest of the house. Normally, this means the area with the Christmas tree, presents and other elements. Although, a good alternative could be the fireplace (if you have one) or even a particularly symbolic piece of furniture in the living room which carries special memories from your life. One option for decorating these nooks is using candles made from card and other decorations made from original and sustainable materials.

Do not forget the outdoors

Whether it’s a private garden or on the front door to your home, decorating the outdoor area always helps to create a sense of Christmas spirit. Which, when combined with the previous suggestions, can be enhanced inside the home. Gardens or terraces can be decorated with rods with hanging small yellow lights to create the sensation of a ‘zen garden’.

In turn, the door can shine with a teaser detail that carries through to the inside. For example, something made from the same material and using the same colours as those used indoors. It is important to be consistent indoors with the design created outdoors with the light decorations.


People are growing more aware of climate change and the environmental crisis. In this vein, and considering that Christmas tends to be a celebration of indulgence and wastefulness, it is a good idea to do your part for sustainability and reuse decorative features, either from previous Christmas celebrations or reusing items you no longer use. In this regard, handmade decorations are an interesting design trend that fits well with this recommendation.

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