Innovation and exclusivity shape the future of avant-garde architecture

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Making materials come to life and evoking emotions is one of the main aims of any creative person. This is possible thanks to companies like COMPAC. They make the connection between disciplines like design and technology, and in this way create innovation in art and modern architecture.



As every year, COMPAC presented its new 2023 products for the first time to renowned industry professionals at COMPAC PREMIÈRE. An event that was striking for its exclusivity, excitement and excellence. Held at the iconic Westin Palace in Madrid, it was attended by over 150 figures from the world of architecture and design. Here they were able to discover the company’s latest innovations for the coming year.

An event brimming with art and innovation

The Westin’s iconic Círculo Palace was host to an immersive experience in the form of an Art Gallery. The exhibits were created by the renowned Italian designer Elisa Ossino. Her works were displayed on pedestals of Unique Argent, a design from COMPAC’s Unique Collection™.


Image 6 COMPAC Exhibition materials at COMPAC PREMIÈRE 2022 – COMPAC – COMPAC PREMIÈRE

With an innovative shape that resembles avant-garde classicism, the delicate pedestals in the Art Gallery have been exhibited at important fairs such as ARCO. The strong aesthetic character that permeates each and every one of the materials developed by the firm is evident.

Textures that evoke the purest of materials. Designs that connect with the viewer in an intricate and empathic vein. Shapes that trace a path towards their origin, nature. COMPAC materials make an introspective connection that awakens the senses in an unforeseen and magical way.

Architects and designers were also able to appreciate the great beauty and expressive nature of COMPAC materials. For example, the sculptures by prestigious international artist Arik Levy, including his iconic Waterstorm Washbasin, and a miniature version of his Crater by Arik Levy.

Architecture trends for 2023

Once again the company’s leitmotif has been mind over matter, giving rise to exclusive creations. Such creations reflect the entrepreneurial and avant-garde spirit that have epitomised the firm’s approach over its 45 years. As a result, with this cultural strategy COMPAC has improved its technical performance. Not only that, it has managed to create unique surfaces using innovative processes. As a result it has also achieved ecological and sustainable benefits.

This concept and approach was evident at every moment in a wonderful event. Such as when COMPAC’s CEO, Paco Sanchis, together with the prestigious artist and designer, Arik Levy, presented the materials that will set trends for 2023: Terrazzo COMPAC and Quartz COMPAC.


Image 2 Presentation of materials ©COMPAC – COMPAC PREMIÈRE

During the first part of the presentation, Paco Sanchis expressed an important thought that addresses the Spanish firm’s idea for the future.

“The rule is not to set limits, because only then do incredible things happen, things that only COMPAC is capable of creating”.

Paco Sanchis, CEO of COMPAC

Excellence and a commitment to seeking the best solutions

Founded over 45 years ago, COMPAC has ongoing commitment to finding the best solutions for architects and users.

In this way, COMPAC has clearly committed to innovation by applying it to Terrazzo. Thus it has created an intelligent material, produced, like the rest of its catalogue, with IQ Circular Science technology. In other words, ‘COMPAC’s sense of responsibility’, in which the productive process is enhanced through responsible production. Thus, Terrazzo COMPAC is striking as a revolutionary material that aims to boost performance and use.

Arik Levy and COMPAC

One of the event’s most heartfelt moments was the artist’s input. In an inspiring interview with Paco Sanchis, Arik Levy talked of his initial collaboration the company some six years ago. During the conversation, marking presentation of the new designs for the ICE of Genesis collection, Paco Sanchis remarked on COMPAC’s constant quest to create unique, sustainable and beautiful materials. This has been possible thanks to constant commitment of this kind. Furthermore it is due to extensive and creative collaboration with brilliant minds. These are minds that, like COMPAC, share the goal of mastering the material in order to create truly unique pieces.


Image 4 Paco Sanchis (left) and Arik Levy (right) during the COMPAC PREMIÈRE – ©COMPAC – COMPAC PREMIÈRE

In addition to talking about the materials and the excellence that characterise the firm, Levy explained at first-hand the remarkable creative process and the relationship of the material with the habitability of the spaces of the ICE of Genesis collection. This collection was honoured in 2022 with the international RED DOT Best of the Best Award. As such, ICE of Genesis is COMPAC’s most ambitious collection in terms of design and exclusivity. It has managed to push the boundaries of the luxury surface market by fusing art and technology through design. This is a collection with a very clear concept: genesis. It marks the beginning of everything, the origin of nature and matter.

Likewise, with his contribution Arik Levy exemplifies the same idea as the rest of the collection: origin in relation to frozen lakes. However, for this creation of new designs, the artist was inspired by the seasons of the year. In this way, he analysed the effects of light in every season in relation to frozen lakes. Thus, he took a new approach where technology, design and art come together to create something never seen before.

Innovative materials for 2023

The guests at COMPAC PREMIÈRE were able to discover two supremely innovative materials. These represent a further step towards excellence in each of the Spanish company’s creations. On the one hand, Terrazzo COMPAC High Performance Stone and on the other, the innovations of the ICE of Genesis collection created by Arik Levy.



These innovations are a milestone for the sector thanks to COMPAC’s R&D&I department. As a result, they have produced lustrous materials with exceptional technical qualities.

COMPAC PREMIÈRE has served as the prelude to presentation of COMPAC’s innovations worldwide at KBIS 2023. This event will be held from the 31 January to the 2 February in Las Vegas. It will be attended by industry influencers and will reveal the trends of 2023. What’s more, renowned professionals such as Jennifer Stoner and Rebecca Zajac will be part of the Best of KBIS 2023 awards, one of the most prestigious honours in the kitchen and bathroom design industry.

Just like every year, COMPAC will participate in this important international event with an exclusive installation revealing the new trend-setting designs of 2023.


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