Ebook 1. Architecture and design articles on your device

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The Decorative Surfaces is also available on your device as an ebook offering architecture and design articles from the blog. More photos and more information on trends, solutions and famous names in both disciplines.

We will be releasing new ebook issues periodically with a simple download so that you can read them on your tablet, mobile or computer. The blog will house all issues in the ‘Ebooks’ section.

Ebook 1. Projects in America, the Swarovski Museum and the Norman Foster Foundation

The first issue has lots of features including three very different projects in North America. The first is located in Canada and is a spectacular luxury apartment brimming with natural light in a 40-storey tower. The second is in New York and combines two styles that would, at first glance, seem mismatched: modern and rustic. The straight lines and golden hues add an industrial feel to this magnificently designed project. The third project is a transformation of a 1915 house in Pasadena (California).

Other unmissable articles in the e-book include Arik Levy’s designs for the Swarovski Crystal Worlds Museum in Austria, where visitors get to see 17 ‘Chambers of Wonder’. How do you imagine the space designed by Levy?


-Belvédère Apartment Project (Montreal)

-Bámbola Bar: Art Deco for the 21st century

-Palau Alameda: The importance of interior design in spaces for events

-Residential Property in New York

-Transforming a 1915 home (California)

-Continuous flooring for the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid

-Arik Levy and his Chamber of Wonders at the Swarovski Museum

-RSC and architecture

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