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Resistant and sophisticated furniture with quartz

By 10 April, 2019 2 Comments

Quartz is a highly regarded material at design studios for two different popular uses: surfaces and furniture. We will be looking at some highly interesting examples of the latter (albeit slightly less widespread in architectural design), such as tables that incorporate technological quartz.

Quartz table

First though, it is worth taking a moment to look at the properties inherent to technological quartz and the value added it brings to furniture manufacturing. For example, quartz offers high resistance to knocks, acid from certain foods and scratches. Moreover, another key aspect is the material’s uniformity: even after the material being cut, the grains in the design can still be appreciated at the edges. This is a hugely prized quality when designing spaces that is not offered by other surfaces and materials.

In terms of furniture incorporating technological quartz, one highlight is the Arik Levy-designed table in Punt Mobles BAY collection, inspired by the meeting of the oceans and continents. This symbolic encounter is materialised through the fusion of the quartz top and wooden legs—a seemingly simple merger but one that brings to together in a single piece the plant and mineral worlds.

Furniture Punt Mobles
BAY Collection by Punt Mobles.

Another great example of quartz furniture is the tables shared by customers at Bámbola Bar in Valladolid—a space inspired by the magical qualities of Art Deco. The project was designed by Guillermo Ortega and Ruth Santos from Doos Interiorismo, and combines textures and materials, including technological quartz in the tables spread throughout the premises. The material is also used on the bar counter to add continuity. In this way, the sophistication of the quartz underscores the elegant glamour of the roaring 20s in a setting designed to savour the romantic lingering sensation of nostalgia.

Art Deco furniture
Bámbola Bar.

Finally, one last example: visitors to the beautiful Palau Alameda in Valencia will notice the tables on the lower floor include Ice Black technological quartz from the Ice of Genesis collection by Arik Levy. These tables are fully sculpted from the material with metal clamps used for assembly, creating a unique atmosphere where quartz-lined walls and tables make for luxury design in pursuit of excellence.

Palau Alameda Valencia
Palau Alameda.

In short, technological quartz is a marvellous material for furniture design, highlighting the elegance and sophistication of any domestic, leisure or professional setting.

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