Summer elegance and zero-edge design

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By the time the summer solstice is upon us, home exteriors have come into their own. They ensure our happiness and wellbeing. Swimming pools are an excellent example, representing natural structures that regulate the ideal temperatures for outdoor spaces.

Elegant terrace with pool

Here at The Decorative Surfaces, we take a peek at some of the most exclusive pools that tempt us to chill, drink in the luxury, and cope with the summer heat that the searing sun of our galaxy brings.

Built in infinity

The impracticality of working in a limitless space has led to some exclusive pool designs. Idyllic oases, ideal for a cool dip which is all want at this time of year, no question.  Limitations are resolved by siting these structures in unlikely places. Blissful locations, in perfect harmony with their natural setting.

Infinity pool with white marble

Contemplating the sea induces peace and wellbeing in all of us, and infinity pools are a building trend that embodies pure luxury.

Feeling the immensity of the great outdoors lends itself to reflection on our lives. Infinity. Pools like this evoke the breadth of sea and sky.  The pool water may well flow into an artificial tank but the sensation of vastness invites deep introspection.

Pool interior with black marble

The stone materials of these infinite structures create a feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

Marble—the unquestionable star

In the world of stone, marble stands for pure elegance, thanks to the quality of the material and its stylish appearance. Features that make it ideal for pool linings, which are not only easy to maintain, but also refreshingly sophisticated.

Aerial view of a terrace with poo

Minimalism is key to creating a chilled atmosphere for pools and outdoor spaces, and this together with other elements, ensures exteriors where exclusivity reigns supreme.

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