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Spring color trends, how are they integrating with interior design?

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Spring, as it is known, symbolizes the awakening of nature from hibernation. It tells the boldest ideas in the interior: the black and white winter is being replaced by shades of sky-blue, tender-green, bright pink. There is nothing surprising that many interior designers who are trying to add a room the perception of buoyancy actively use a palette of spring color trends.

The concept of the decorated interior is rapidly disappearing in 2018. A new generation of designers buried a fake loft style, industrial chic and brilliant hotel glamour. This year is giving a chance for the people to express themselves as the designers, add a piece of their individuality to the spaces they occupy and spring color trends like nothing else are able to help with it being able to completely transform the room, bring it notes of freshness, airiness, and sunny mood.

The palette of spring is diverse and can include many shades, except for cold and neutral. It is simple and clean colors, shades of the rainbow. Spring color trends are the tenderness of the first wildflowers and the complete absence of pretentiousness. They symbolize freshness and purity of textures with delicate floral ornament and bright and juicy decorative details. Instead of waiting for nature to please you with the first warm days, you can bring the spring on, just recreating its atmosphere in your own apartment and you will have your own little oasis in which the sun, happiness and love reign.

1. Yellow.

Not so often yellow is used as a solo in the interior. It is considered easily soiled like white and in large quantities, it irritates. But do not avoid this bright, sunny color. It is not necessary to paint the walls with it, enough to place in the living room a colorful sofa, a neat coffee table, a bright poster in the recreation area, add a couple of bright yellow details to the tone and your interior is ready.
The magic atmosphere which yellow brings to the interior will be charged with a positivity: will look – and will certainly smile. Possible to use all the hues of this spring color trend: lemon, mustard, canary.

2. Green.

Saturated green is considered a favorite for several seasons. Dark greenery is still relevant, but there is a clear tendency to a more natural spring color trends: salvia, celery, avocado. They are well combined with berry-purple, matte-blue, yellow, cherry and white. According to the idea ofdesigners, this palette symbolizes health and is great for living rooms in the spirit of soft minimalism. Green works well and as a background for lighter furniture, and as a bright spot on a white background.

3. Blue.

Blue shades are again on the crest of the wave, especially one – a mixture of blue, gray and green. Cool, calm color in the interior, inspired by nature, is universal and ideal for interior and exterior decoration of modern and classic styles.
You can easily refresh the white interior, if you change the color of one wall or paint a blue chest of drawers, a table, hang a lamp in a tone or buy suitable bright dishes.

4. Pink.

Such a spring color trend like pink in the interior loses gender identity and is no longer associated only with ladies rooms. From frivolous romance, it is shifted to more complex shades and is now actively used in the design of living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
Create an elegant interior will help the right palette: it’s better to use not one or two options of pink but several.

5. The mix of dark blue and orange.

Blue plus orange is a popular solution for living rooms, dining, and offices. Colors – companions fill the room with energy and temperature balance, due to the combination of warm and cool colors which symbolize closeness of spring to the winter. The best place for a bright accent is upholstered furniture: a sofa, armchairs, puffs. Ultramarine or cobalt can be chosen for a wall or a modular painting. We can say with certainty that combination of blue and orange is the total spring color trend of this season.

Spring is always associated with a revival, a surge of strength and energy, and a turbulent flowering of primroses. Therefore, all the shades of the color of the sun, splitting on the windows for hundreds of merry bunnies, cannot be better suited for creating a spring mood. Apricot walls, golden wallpaper and lime-green curtains with flower pattern – these are the first signs of spring in a house where a sunny mood should dominate.

Remember, the main tendency of this season is mass individualization, the design which is not for everyone. Designers recommend to mix styles and stylistics, not be afraid of colors and express your personality and its predilections. The appeal of this season: ignore trends, personalize your interior and show your emotions with a palette of spring color trends.
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