Small-scale architecture: collections of fine jewellery

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The fact that artistic techniques merge, feed back into and draw on a circular inspiration is clear in any field where the core activity is creative. As a result, although they may seem unrelated, the gulf between architecture and jewellery design is not quite as wide as it initially appears if it is seen as a small scale architectural project. Consequently, certain geometries, sculptures, movements, and even materials, are shared between the two disciplines.

Architecture and jewellery merge in a shared concept: communicating through form and aesthetic expression. This is a reflection which has been adopted and developed by great professionals of both architecture and jewellery design.

Throughout history, ornamental designs have been considered as artistic treasures. These treasures tell the stories that society needs. As well as being wearable objects, historically, jewellery was imbued with transcendent and powerful meaning, such as social or spiritual status. They were small yet great pieces that helped to understand an inexplicable world. And even today they are capable of immersing us in great civilisations.

The elegance of jewels with architectural forms

In the contemporary world, that same inspiration endures in the design of pieces that draw on the great civilisations. This can be seen in the Alhambra earrings by Lavani Jewels. Similarly, another elegant and luxurious example of contemporary design inspired by history can be found in Swarovski’s exclusive Collection I.  In particular, it includes the striking Curiosa family.  This collection has been designed by the artistic director Giovanna Engelbert.

The luxury brand works these crystal pieces with enormous creativity embodying exclusivity through its designs. These range from elegant architectural shapes to fun colour palettes, exotic influences and extravagant ornaments.

With her designs, Giovanna Engelbert captivates by creating magic through diverse shapes and forms. Among these, the Curiosa family in particular, stands out. In this case she takes her inspiration from the architecture of the 1920s. As a result, aesthetics prevail over functionality and the ornamentation is based on the geometry and luxury of the materials.

These are pieces that represent the purest expression of colour, surpassing the limits of science and engineering.

I wanted to explore the fundamental geometry of crystal and its potential as a material. Looking at Daniel Swarovski’s first drawings was an absolute inspiration, discovering the magic of his early inventions and understanding the power of his dream to create something the world had never seen. As I set out on my own creative journey, I respect how transformative jewellery can be and wanted to create pieces and a vision of style that women and men could embrace and feel like their bold unique selves in”.

Giovanna Engelbert

The city as a source of inspiration in the design of jewellery

While certain pieces reflect architectural concepts, the design of large cities could also feature as a central issue in the design of many pieces. Cities that signify, contribute and define a concept, and suggest an emotion. And, moreover, something that could be common to a particular culture. One such example, which is tremendously powerful, is seen in the jewellery designed by the luxury brand  Bvlgari. Since 1884, this firm has sought inspiration in the monuments and architectural treasures of the Eternal City.

As a result, the influence of Rome’s vibrant beauty is evident in each of its pieces of fine jewellery. The city translates into jewellery bright with colour, volume and geometry. Thus, these jewels unquestionably convey the irrepressible character of one of the greatest cities. This was also Bvlgari’s inspiration in creating its visual identity, with its logo a visible manifestation of the Latin language.

Accordingly, as a reflection of spirit of the glorious and immortal city of Rome, we find pieces of fine jewellery such as the Parentesi necklace. This necklace takes its inspiration from the travertine intersections of Rome’s cobbled streets.

Another exclusive piece, inspired by the Eternal City, is the Baroque Spiral Necklace. This pays tribute to the powerful female icons of antiquity. In particular, it pays homage to the Italian artist Artemisa Gentileschi. She was one of the first women in history to be recognised as a successful and empowered artist.

A tribute to Bauhaus through jewellery

Aside from the inspiration of great civilisations and cities, the synergies created by schools of architectural design are also appreciated. Such movements, apart from structural aspects, represented a critical milestone for architecture and contemporary design. In this way the DAuhaus collection by Catalina DAnglade draws inspiration from the German Bauhaus school. In all her pieces, she pays heartfelt tribute to the forms and aesthetics of this historic movement. It was indeed an important benchmark in the world of contemporary architectural design.

With her inspiring jewellery, Catalina DAnglade reflects the precepts of this design movement.  It was a school that that revolutionised creative and artistic thinking of the early 20th century. In doing so, she alludes to key Bauhaus figures by means of a revelatory philosophical union: the fusion of art and design through everyday objects. As a result, it  can be clearly seen that she is an artist characterised by places and by epochs. Thus, unquestionably, it is essential to consider them in contemporary reflection through the mundane.

From the formal minimalism of Mies Van der Rohe to the clean lines of OskarSchlemmer or the sculptures of Moholy-Nagy, to the textile patterns of Otti Berger and the use of geometric shapes and the less is more” motto that the movement championed”.

Arquitectura y diseño

Through these designs, created by jewellery artists and luxury brands, the way in which the arts and creation coexist and intermingle becomes abundantly clear. Taking inspiration from epochs, art, architecture and philosophy, the result demonstrates the inspiring power of the past. In this way they manage to create a present that will define a future. These are vibrant pieces that are aligned with freedom, expanding the ethereal.  They derive from the most absolute expression of a language with sublime meanings.

Jewellery design: a luxury artistic expression.

Each of the collections or pieces created can be read in a particular way. As such it is a language in which precious stones, minerals and chemistry combine with exclusivity to offer pieces replete with meaning. Consequently, such fragments of nature transmute becoming pure magic through the artistic composition they conceal. These are extremely exclusive and beautiful objects, triggering emotions and imbuing each design with spirit and soul.

Among the many inspirations behind jewellery design, architecture and its concepts represent an approximation of the sublime construction of cities, buildings and large-scale structures. As such, the daring nature of architectural freedom is patently present in every piece.

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