Sir Norman Foster chooses Madrid for the headquarters of its foundation

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Madrid is officially the city that Sir Norman Foster, one of the most important architects of the last 40 years, has chosen to locate the headquarters of the foundation that carries his name. The foundation is based in a Heritage-listed Palace designed by Joaquín Saldaña in 1912 for the Duke of Plasencia that has a courtyard pavilion to host events, discussions, and exhibitions.

Norman Foster Foundation Madrid

Luxury location for the headquarters of the Sir Norman Foster Foundation

The foundation’s aim is to promote research and projects, as well as interdisciplinary thinking for new generations of architects and designers. The new house of the foundation connects architecture, design, technology and the arts to better serve society and encourages experimentation through research and projects.

The Norman Foster’s studio has refurbished the Palace and build the new pavilion and courtyard. Visitors and participants can enjoy many rooms spread over the four levels of the building going from workspaces and galleries to the library and archive. The venue of the pavilion displays personal references for Foster.

Venue of Sir Norman Foster foundation

Norman Foster Foundation

The Foundation pavilion

The Pavilion – The Pavilion of Inspirations – as Foster named it, is designed and built with the thought of light and lightness that Foster has pushed over his professional career. The space uses laminated glass walls as the structure to hold up a steel and glass fiber roof with no visible means of support as well as White Micro Thassos COMPAC marble for the 144 m²  of flooring. The entrance of the Pavilion is covered by a canopy created by Spanish architect Cristina Iglesias.

Foster's foundation

Among the selection of objects, images, models, and sculptures the Pavilion contents, visitors can enjoy the exhibit of a newly restored, original 1927 avions voisin C7. The car was previously owned by le Corbusier and used aviation technology pioneered by voisin for his flying machines.

Architect Norman Foster

Old car in Sir Norman Foster foundation

The Foundation seeks to promote research and education at the same time that implements practical and experimental projects around the world. It woks globally and aims to be an independent institution separated from Foster’s own architectural practice. We are pleased to invite you to visit Norman Foster Foundation to be up tp date with all their projects.

Architect Sir Norman Foster

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