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“Parolio’s inspiration for the Palau Alameda came from Valencia’s treescape, gardens and sky”

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Pepe Fernández, director of Palau Alameda.

“We would love to plan comprehensive events. The ideal scenario would be to use the Palau as a base for a musical or an event that can be hosted throughout the building, using all its potential.” So states Pepe Fernández, director of the Palau Alameda, a new leisure space in the city of Valencia (Spain) where every last architectural and design detail has been carefully curated. The project integrates Compac marble and quartz and was designed by Parolio studio who, according to Fernández, took inspiration “from the treescape, gardens and sky, which utterly captivated him”.

Lest we forget, the Palau Alameda is located in one of the most privileged settings in the Valencian capital, next to the Turia Gardens. “Parolio had total freedom on the project and, thanks to our wide-ranging experience in the leisure and events planning world, we worked closely alongside the studio to shape the project to what was required.”

The complex seizes the mantle from what was, for over fifty years, the Alameda Palace, an iconic spot for Valencians that played host to major celebrations and events. Fernández acknowledges that “we quickly realised how important it was to carry the torch from the former building”, underlining how “we wanted to renovate the space in a modern Mediterranean style”.

The terrace, now under the Àtic moniker, offers amazing views and two distinct options: a casual area with more of a “snack menu” vibe and another with a carefully crafted and varied gastronomic selection at the hands of Chef Nicolás Román. In addition to the terrace, which has already become a go-to leisure spot in the city, there are two further spaces in the building: the events room and the Azza club. Here, Compac also plays an important role in the carefully curated interior décor showcasing a wide selection of Valencian artists. “The materials are incredible and we’ve used three different types, one on each floor”, explains Pepe Fernández, spotlighting the “Nacarado” and “Caramelo” marbles, and the Ice BlackTM and Unique CalacattaTM quartzes.

“Our idea is for the space to be a near-24 hour hive of activity, offering performing arts and gastronomy. This is the new Valencia, where people are striving to offer more curated options, both specific and specialised, with longer opening hours. One goal is for the Palau to become a must-do for those visiting the city”, states Fernández.


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