Materials of the sustainable revolution with Terrazzo COMPAC at KBIS 2022

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The world’s largest kitchen and bathroom fair, KBIS 2022 has drawn to a close. COMPAC has attended this top international event for many years. In this year’s edition, COMPAC was joined by Italian architect and interior designer Elisa Ossino, who designed the main space at the company’s booth. The composition—christened Exedra—was an abstract outdoor installation made from a transparent canvas in warm hues. At its heart lay Rhea. The outdoor countertop made from TERRAZZO COMPAC. whose profile contrasted with the horseshoe curves to highlight the material and volumes. TERRAZZO COMPAC was introduced at KBIS 2022 as a smart revolutionary material that reinvents the surfaces market and aims to enhance the features of traditional terrazzo. The Petra Boticcino design heightens any surfaces where it is used and ushers in a bright touch to any room.

Rhea, designed by Elisa Ossino

Rhea, designed by Elisa Ossino

KBIS 2022 in Orlando

At this latest edition, from 8th to 10th February in Orlando, COMPAC was the centre of exclusive design again. They did so by showcasing mercurial materials, constant improvements and art in its purest form that exceeds all expectations. The designs invoke emotions with a sensuous approach applied to different textures inspired by historical and natural morphology.

Here at  The Decorative Surfaces, we journey through events from the fair for the benchmark Spanish firm in the manufacture and distribution of Terrazzo, Quartz and Obsidian surfaces. The underlying creativity in every surface, through collaboration with renowned artists, was highly lauded and perfectly in step with the presentation of the firm’s new branding.


COMPAC introduced its new exclusive material at this year’s edition: TERRAZZO COMPAC High Performance Stone (HPS). The product stands out for enhancing the features of natural terrazzo thanks to its composition and improved shock resistance. The new interior and exterior design can be manufactured in narrower widths. This makes it a highly versatile material for use in all kinds of projects: outdoor flooring and worktops; indoor flooring and walls; kitchens; bathrooms; furniture, and busy settings such as airports, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and façades.

This smart material is a further addition to the lines that the benchmark company has offered for many years. Innovation is ever-present at COMPAC, where creativity and new processes lie at the heart of what it does. This corporate approach is a commitment to life and is reflected in the new branding COMPAC officially introduced at KBIS 2022.

New COMPAC image officially presented at KBIS 2022

New COMPAC image officially presented at KBIS 2022

A graphic identity that symbolises excellence, emanates simplicity and minimalism, and incorporates a clear and strong emotional undertow. It represents a necessary evolution to invoke the ever-present search for excellence at the firm. It also reflects the six values underlying all business areas at COMPAC: perfection, innovation, sophistication, audacity, emotion and integrity.

Moreover, COMPAC remains committed to another of its standout features: the exclusive design in each piece supported by collaboration with the renowned artist Arik Levy and by its first partnership with Italian designer and architect Elisa Ossino.

Art as application, concept as design

Sustainable processes, innovative materials and mercurial applications would make no sense without a clear philosophy and exact concept. In this sense, COMPAC works with and from emotion in each of its designs. Its materials and collections maintain their identity by revering artistic and sensorial models. Art is capable of transporting us. It’s visual poetry that surfaces can embody thanks to COMPAC’s ongoing collaboration with the superlative artist and designer Arik Levy.

COMPAC© Arik Levy working with the designs ICE Gold and ICE Viola

COMPAC© Arik Levy working with ICE Gold and ICE Viola

COMPAC© Arik Levy working with ICE Gold and ICE Viola designs

From conception to creation, quartz collections such as Ice of Genesis see Levy take inspiration from frozen lakes and nature. The artist masterfully approaches the creative concept, producing designs where this vision runs through every one of the magical quartz veins. This idea, concept and origin are nurtured in a nebula of inspiration based on sculpturally prismatic patterns.

The most important kitchen and bathroom fair in North America was chosen by COMPAC to showcase Quartz Rock. This is the latest contribution from Levy based on the seasonal cycles of nature. In turn, the company also showcased Levy’s latest designs: Ice Ink, Ice Viola, Ice Green and Ice Gold.

In addition, COMPAC presented its collaboration with the sublime Italian architect and interior designer Elisa Ossino at KBIS 2022 through the metaphorical Rhea. The design delves into emotional arrays through historical references, presenting a modern, new and exclusive material that undoubtedly represents a magnificent sustainable future for the industry.

A new concept for sustainability

The journey to improving the environment and respect for nature is an ongoing pursuit at COMPAC. The firm’s latent innovation attempts to help foster life through new revolutionary manufacturing processes.

This respect for the environment is an inherent feature of the company’s approach and clearly reflected in its exclusive materials. In turn, the company continues to transform the market, reaffirmed by the rising popularity of Obsidiana—a 100% recycled and recyclable material that took the SUSTAINABILITY AWARD at KBIS 2020 and was granted Cradle to Cradle Bronze™ certification. It has become the ideal sustainable surface, made from 100% recycled glass.

At this year’s edition of the Orlando fair, COMPAC once again surpassed itself through innovation. The benchmark company underscored its IQ Circular Science and IQ Pro Circular Science concept to include all advances in its constant pursuit to create new technologies that improve processes. IQ Circular Science and IQ Pro Circular Science are a reflection of the company’s commitment to recycle, as well as use 100% renewable energy sources and reuse over 98% of the water required in its manufacturing processes.



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