Large-format worktops gain ground in kitchens

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large-format worktops

Kitchens are starting to enjoy some unprecedented limelight thanks to modern spacious designs enabling family members to spend more time there.

We have almost always lived our lives in and around the living room, but Kitchens are no longer mere functional spaces where meals are prepared but rather hubs of activity in the home, serving as spaces for relaxed conversation, family life and even work areas. In line with this trend, large-format quartz pieces are an appealing solution to meet space and functionality requirements.

A good example of large-scale quartz surfaces for kitchen islands (we tend to organise our lives around the island) is COMPAC’s Giant XS model (320x155cm). The breadth of the large format enables people to incorporate islands with elegant vein designs; in addition, they also make for excellent options for flooring, panelling and finishes on all kinds of surfaces.

The Giant XS format (320x155cm-126″x61″) is available thanks to huge demand from the US, since kitchen islands there have ceased to be a mere trend and become a must-have reality. In line with this demand, large slabs are being manufactured that require no cuts and perfectly match the needs of new homes, whilst also offering the inherent features of COMPAC surfaces.

In this sense, COMPAC’s technological quartz is a highly resistant, top quality decorative material thanks to its composition (up to 92% mineral content) with added pigments and resins—carried out by applying a technological process known as ‘engineered stone’. Quartz crystal is one of nature’s most abundant, beautiful and hardest materials. It is in the top four hardest materials on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness after diamonds, corundum and topaz. In addition to its hardness, technological quartz offers zero porosity, impeding any liquid absorption, and is easy to care for, maintain and clean.

Moreover, the Unique Collection quartz designs should be highlighted as ideal for kitchen islands, coming in three different finishes: polished spotlights the setting and brings it to life; Glacé provides a completely smooth non-porous surface that is easy to clean; and Crêpe offers a new kind of almost unknown texture on the market where rugosity provides a completely natural look to surfaces. In terms of design, the collection comes in white with black veins, and black with white veins, adding a touch of elegance and naturalness.

COMPAC’s large-format designs do not stop with the Unique Collection: the firm also offers a Giant format (330x163cm-130″x64″) in its Unique Calacatta design. This even larger slab underscores the concept of the kitchen island as the nerve centre of the home and provides the necessary space to organise family life around the kitchen table.

In short, kitchens have left behind their former status and have today, thanks to spacious elegant designs (appearance always helps turn spaces into pleasant living areas), become a type of magnet—drawing to it life’s ebbs and flows from within the walls of the home. If modern houses were countries, kitchens with large-format quartz worktops would be their new, proud capitals!

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