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Five must-watch architecture series

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In recent years, TV series have become the most-watched media in households all around the world. It’s no surprise that this new era has been named the golden age of television. Both public and private networks have made huge investments in producing and broadcasting new shows. This trend has boded well for architecture, as platforms like Netflix have been producing content about the innovation and creativity present in architecture and design for some time now. Additionally, Spanish public television has also produced a documentary series that we highly recommend. You can find our top five recommendations for fans of architecture and interior design below:

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This BBC documentary series (which is also available on La 2 in Spain and on Netflix), is presented by architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin, who travel the globe visiting some of the most extraordinary homes on the planet. The series has four 60-minute episodes and whisks viewers around incredible designs. The houses are not only impressive because of their luxury and size, but also because of their extravagant shapes, colours and materials. In short, the programme celebrates creativity and innovation in architecture and interior design.

Tiny House Nation

Next, this 60-minute episode series is also available on Netflix. Each episode explores the tiny house ‘revolution’ phenomena. Firstly, it introduces the life stories of people who are building the house of their dreams in miniature. Some of the reasons behind their decision to build tiny houses include non-materialism, wanting to use their financial resources to travel or do other activities away from their homes (thus wanting to save on large bills) and, last but not least, the desire to live close to nature. Each episode showcases the challenge of designing spaces that make it possible to lead a full but downsized life with everything the owners need to feel at home.

Edificios (Buildings)

Photo of “Edificios”, a series about architecture.This Spanish documentary series has eight episodes that are focused on more than 30 architects. It reveals the secrets of recently carried out projects in Spain, some of which reveal the architectural and economic splendour and influence of other times. The projects and styles explored in Edificios include the industrial architecture used in the Cineteca Film Library, which is housed in Madrid’s former Matadero or abattoir; the Mediterranean architecture which is present in the Infanta Elena Auditorium in Águilas, and the healthcare architecture seen at the Neuro-psychiatric hospital of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Zaragoza. All eight episodes are available on RTVE’s A la Carta player.

Amazing Interiors

Photo of “Amazing Interiors”, a series about architecture.This series places interior design in the spotlight, showing that architecture should not be judged by exteriors alone. This Netflix original documentary series is split into 12 episodes that showcase remarkable interiors, such as a gargantuan room installation, a museum in a basement, a life-size dollhouse and a home where the walls are completely inspired by origami. However, the series goes deeper than the surface of these great spaces as it provides context and details about construction processes all around the world, from planning to completion of the project.


Photo of “Abstract”, a series about architecture.

Lastly, this Netflix series is focused mostly on design and offers a multidisciplinary perspective through accounts by pioneers of different fields, such as Bjarke Ingels, the Danish architect who runs BIG studio. The series is particularly interesting as it shows the way design influences all aspects of our lives. Moreover, what the symbolic dialogue between the designer and user of their work is like. This documentary series is perfect for those who want an inside look into the creative processes involved in architecture and interior design.

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