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Fall decorating trends for the best projects

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Moving into fall 2017, we are starting to see the latest color palettes from the biggest paint manufacturers and they all have something in common: maturity. Gone are the garish and bright hues that we have become used to seeing in recent years, what we are seeing now is a more reserved and considered chart. Darker tones of Midnight Blue and Forest Green apply a dramatic effect, making interiors more inviting in the darker autumnal evenings. Paired with metallic and copper effects these hues carry a certain charm and nostalgia. Alongside this lurch towards more sumptuous design and color, we are also seeing the incorporation of more modern features that we expect to be present in our homes, from wireless phone chargers to eco-friendly renewable materials, interior design is moving in the same direction as many other industries, so expect to see a contrast becoming the trend in Fall 2017.

If you want to stay on trend in Fall 2017, opt for the dramatic, rather than the ostentatious.

fall decorating trends

Kitchen: the new trends

To maintain consistency in kitchen interiors, grey is becoming more popular, to pair with the darker tones that are trending towards Fall 2017. White can create too much contrast and be unpleasing with a darker green or blue, so expect to see greys being used to create balance in kitchen interiors. This move towards a more time-honoured look to your interiors give huge scope for copper and for matte surfaces. As the nights grow longer, a classical kitchen matching traditional cookware elements, terracotta, hanging saucepans and iron grills can create the perfect drama for evenings in the kitchen.

fall decorating trends

Not to say that modern kitchen interiors need be cluttered; grey cabinets with carved surfaces can house modern hydraulic opening mechanisms which can be activated at the touch of a button. This offset between the old and the new can hide interesting details which will surprise your clients. In the coming months we will see more conventional designs in aesthetic, with an underlying increase in innovation.

fall decorating trends

It may be that many people prefer to keep kitchens lighter as they feel this will make the room appear larger, but use your initiative to keep on-trend, incorporating darker tones of fixtures and cabinets to bring the drama to the kitchen. Using more sophisticated lighting systems such as hidden LEDs can also counter the darker tones used in the design.


Bathroom Autumn trends

There are many ways to dazzle your customers with the design of your bathroom interiors. Incorporating marble will give your design a plush feel, and the trend in bathrooms is also moving towards a more rooted design, meaning the inclusion of hard stone can match perfectly with the timeless, darker hues and deeper colors that are becoming more popular. Matched with a traditional black and white tiled flooring, bathrooms following more classical design rules, whilst maintaining modern elements such as circular mirrors and touchless faucets, can be visually stunning.

Also on trend in bathrooms is the borderless shower. A clean tiled floor funnelling downward to allow the water to drain gives the more rustic feel that we are seeing more of in 2017, and also opens up the bathroom allowing for more space in smaller bathroom designs.

Similar to the general trend towards darker hues, bathrooms are also incorporating dark greens and blues to help achieve a more traditional effect, couples with hard stone and Victorian style tiling, the final effect is irresistible and is always received well by clients and visitors.


Color Blocking: the winning option

Pairing these colors with clean lines is likely to be a hot trend for Fall 2017. Teal is becoming a color of choice through its diversity and ability to incorporate hints of yellow hues and lime greens. It is a sophisticated color which can maintain a very mature interior and also be liberal with some lighter tones. Using a mature color scheme may not be to everyone’s taste, so using color blocking will allow you add a splash of brightness to your projects whilst maintain the initial feel of opulence.

fall decorating treds

With a trend growing towards more traditional colors, the use of color blocking can be an interesting alternative to allow for more forms, diagonals and unconventional lines to be incorporated into your interiors, and at the same time, not going too far into an avant-garde design.


ECO movement: green design

To really push the forefront of interior design, take a step towards more ecological design. Across industries we are seeing consumers move towards ecology and buy into greener solutions, not only to protect the environment but for better health for their families.

As materials are now becoming affordable we are likely to see a big step-up in their use in interiors towards the end of 2017.

fall decorating treds

The inclusion of more greenery in the home both benefits the look of the design and offers a cleaner environment for families. Paired with greys and darker hues, plants can be positioned throughout the home to focus attention and match features.

Incorporating wood can also allow for a fine finish to bring out its unique grain. This results in both an exclusive design for your client and a more ecological approach. Wood and hard stone are long-lasting and more environmentally friendly than concrete and PVC finishes which use up non-renewable materials which may even be harmful to children’s health in the long term.


Technology in a traditional setting

Overall in 2017 we will see a greater move towards a home for all the senses. Both rustic and yet maintaining technological features that we are used to. Incorporating materials and mechanisms that are becoming more affordable and easier to implement into designs.

Wireless phone chargers will be fused into traditional furniture items such as coffee tables whilst app-controlled hidden speaker systems will be controllable from room to room. And overall the contrast between these two vastly different worlds will be a key feature towards the end of 2017.

Using different materials and various surfaces such as marble, matte metallic appliances and copper will help to maintain variety and pair well with more accustomed color schemes. The features that can be merged into a traditional home can be surprising to guests, and your clients will be impressed by such technological details, if you want to stay on curve and keep your clients impressed, it is in this area that we are going to see most progress in the coming months, stay alive to it and your clients will be grateful for the finer details in your design.

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