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Sandra Díaz-Velasco, owner of Eolo A&I Design

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Sandra Díaz-Velasco is an architect and designer from Miami with over 20 years experience. She is the owner of Eolo A&I Design—an award-winning, specialised architecture and interior design practice. We speak to her about these professional areas and the trends and tastes of clients in Miami.

How would you define your style?
I would describe my style as timeless. I love to create something eclectic and contemporary, with a European edge, a love of art, and strong strokes of color. I’ve always been inspired by my grandfather’s passion for detail and craftsmanship, and strive to imbue these qualities into my work.

What element is a signature of your firm?

My firm, Eolo A&I Design, emphasizes emotion, detail, craftsmanship, and sustainability in our work. We’re guided by a philosophy of constant renovation and environmental conservation, taking on a holistic approach and emotion-driven design dialect. We are also known for incorporating cutting-edge technology into our designs, and value innovation at every level.

How is the client from Miami?

Miami is such a vibrant melting pot of cultures and styles – Latin, European, American, French, Russian, young professionals and baby boomers alike. Even within the Latin-American community here, countless styles and preferences persist, since each country is so different from one another. Here we have the fortune of experiencing such brilliant diversity, so we have the chance to explore many styles and express each client’s essence.


What differentiates this customer from other areas of the US?

The sheer diversity of the Miami community results in a client base that values eclecticism and creativity. There’s no one unifying preference or style, and clients here are often more open-minded and willing to explore different tastes and approaches.

What design trends are followed in Miami?

I don’t believe in trends – I believe in each client character. I restrain from following trends so as to build a truly intimate understanding of my clients’ tastes and create a design that is wholly theirs.

What design trends are followed in Miami?

I don’t believe in trends – I believe in each client character. I restrain from following trends so as to build a truly intimate understanding of my clients’ tastes and create a design that is wholly theirs.

If you had to highlight one of your projects, what would it be?

My Brickell Bachelor Project, winner of the 2017 AIA Miami Merit Award for Interior Architecture, as well as two Gold Medals in the 2017 KBDN Kitchen & Bath Design Awards. It was a total gut renovation of a 1970s-era, two-bedroom condominium to meet the needs of a young bachelor, with balcony terraces and floorplan revised to create an integrated and open space for entertaining. The client wanted the space to reflect both his style, and his need for a contemporary space in an outdated building. To achieve this, he wanted an open layout to improve the entertaining character of the social area, and requested a clean, “uncluttered” look with plenty of storage. The client also requested that the private areas of the apartment embody a “hotel suite” feel, combining comfort and space with a sharp, contemporary sensibility. Ample storage, an open layout, and abundant natural light meld with a masculine and geometric style to capture the desired effect. The black and white color palette and natural wood accents add warmth to an otherwise cold feel, with natural stone coverings on main surfaces to accentuate key architectural features. Lighting fixtures were chosen for their warmth and clean lines, balancing the gentle flow of natural light already existent in the structure. Despite the challenge posed by the client’s budget limitations, the resulting space exceeded the client’s expectations, exemplifying sleek, sensitive elegance laced with an edgy, contemporary craftsmanship.

In your projects, you use Compac technological quartz. What properties does it give you? Why did you choose this material?

I use Compac technological quartz in every project. I love how purely the color renders when it is solid. It’s easy to maneuver – my installer loves to use it. My favorite product is Absolute Blanc – pure white. It sets such a striking scene ideal for achieving a sleek, contemporary design, but not without a touch of elegance and warmth.

What kind of commission would you like to make?

I would love to work on an art museum, or another boutique hotel. Such projects would really offer me a canvas to innovate and explore the relationships between art, comfort, creativity, and the diverse people and perspectives that interact with the space.

A building or project in the world that you love?

Negozio Olivetti by Carlo Scarpa, in Venice. A former typewriter shop has been transformed into a museum where the typewriters are brought back to life, all surrounded by breathtaking, sculptural design elements that capture the sense of timelessness which I hold so dear to my own work.

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