COMPAC wins top prize at Red Dot Awards for the ICE of Genesis Collection

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Receiving recognition from highly renowned institutions is a way to bolster our philosophy of ongoing innovation. Representing a halo for awardees that enables them to continue with a beginner’s motivation albeit, this time around, in the certainty that the path to success is boundless.

Within the design sector, the RED DOT AWARDS are one of the most important global benchmarks. The prizes are a clear and proven acknowledgement of quality and innovation for designers and manufacturers in creating new products. They become a beacon for international prestige in the design world and a seal for exceptional design.

Here at The Decorative Surfaces, we spotlight RED DOT’s acknowledgement of COMPAC. Overseen by a jury of internationally renowned members, the benchmark company for quality and design in the surfaces sector took a top prize at the ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’ competition.

One of the most important awards worldwide. 

‘Our jury was especially impressed by the products that won a Red Dot: Best of the Best. This distinction is synonymous with ground-breaking design par excellence.’

Professor Dr Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot

The renowned awards were first organised in Germany in 1955 and for COMPAC, they represent a further step towards excellence and innovation in each of its designs. A new path opens up in recognition of the company’s leadership. At the same time, this bolsters the daily efforts for exclusivity in each of its pieces.

COMPAC was awarded the Best of the Best for its exceptional innovative design of the ICE of Genesis Collection created by Arik Levy.

‘A product needs to have a certain something in order to win this top award. The fact that you have received a distinction is proof that you have created brilliant design.’

Professor Dr Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot


COMPAC© QuartzRock by Arik Levy

ICE of Genesis: an inspiring and evocative collection

Designed in one of COMPAC‘s most resilient and long-lasting materials, renowned artist Arik Levy created the award-winning collection at Red Dot 2022: ICE of Genesis. A thoughtful collection conjured from constant commitment that has only broadened and perfected over time.

Art and technology merge with sustainability, whilst the exclusive and excellent designs capture nature through materiality.

The original and magical collection was presented at Design Miami in a select range, including Ice Max Pure, Ice Max Black, Ice Black and Ice White. As part of KBIS 2022, Arik Levy and COMPAC presented a wider range of ICE of Genesis designs. The four new designs evoke the seasons of the year in an innovative and sustainable format. In this sense, ICE Green represents the flowering nature of springtime; then ICE Gold, the sunny rays of summer; ICE Viola, the colours of autumn light; and ICE Ink, the darkness of winter reflected in frozen lakes, which served as inspiration for the original collection.

‘ICE OF GENESIS is the beginning of everything: the beginning of nature and of matter. The origin of an idea and a creative process that seeks to change the status quo of surface coverings.’


Arik_Levy_Artist_and_Designer_&_Paco_Sanchis_CEO_COMPACThe sensuous proof lies in the designs developed by Arik Levy and COMPAC that hark back to nature: a unique balance of translucency, fragility and stability.

With this, the award-winning Ice of Genesis Collection at Red Dot 2022 is a sublime example of the company’s approach to constantly seeking out a path towards excellence through ongoing innovation in each of its materials. The firm focuses on design exclusivity alongside sustainability and respect for the environment.

Beyond the excellent designs framed by exclusivity and luxury, the Red Dot Awards 2022 also acknowledge the use of an innovative efficient manufacturing process: COMPAC’s responsible IQ Circular Science approach. The concept embraces a philosophy of respect for the environment across all levels in the company’s value chain.

All COMPAC designs are made sustainably. With 100% renewable energy, reusing over 98% of the water—sourced from rainwater—required in the manufacturing process.

Red Dot 2022 excellence event

In celebration of the awards, Red Dot Design Week 2022 will run from 20th to 24th June in Essen (Germany). This globally renowned meeting for the design sector will stage different events. One of them including the Red Dot Gala at the Aalto Theatre, where COMPAC will receive its well-deserved award. The Red Dot: Best of the Best award for the ICE of Genesis Collection.

In addition to the events of the week, where the most prestigious international designers will gather, Red Dot will be exhibiting the global winning entries at its museum in Essen. And not only that, but also in other landmark cities such as Singapore and Xiamen (China). A selection of pieces from the ICE of Genesis Collection by COMPAC will be included in the exhibition. It can be visited at the three associated Red Dot museums across the globe. The show will give visitors the chance to see the beautiful finishes in quartz from the benchmark company for exclusive surface quality and design.

The award is an acknowledgement of the work undertaken by COMPAC in developing and mastering materials, as well as in collaborating with top-notch designers, architects and artists such as Arik Levy. A halo to ensure COMPAC continues to commit to a path of boundless innovation and creativity.