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Compac is getting ready for one of its most anticipated launches

By 9 September, 2019 No Comments

COMPAC—the benchmark design and manufacturing firm for technological quartz and marble surfaces—is preparing a highly anticipated launch that will provide interior designers, decorators and architects with new creative and technical possibilities. The Spanish firm is expanding its Unique Collection™ quartz line to include surfaces inspired by nature in its purest form: patterns, perfect attributes, timelessness, awe-inspiring…

The launch is a homage to the relationship between human beings and their surroundings: from the emotive landscapes to the flawless delicate textures we experience from early childhood. COMPAC approaches nature in two ways: first, in order to ‘learn’ from its faultless features in complete admiration, to then lose itself in nature, in the challenges it puts forward and to conquer new horizons.

According to COMPAC, there will be three new technological quartz designs added to the UNIQUE collection. The company will release these new designs on the US market first, followed by a second launch in all other countries where COMPAC has a presence.