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Autumn 2020: Hygge-inspired interior design trends

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The year 2020 has been a turning point for interior décor. Households are no longer places to spend just a part of the day but have become oases of peace and comfort. Our homes need to give off a sensation of wellbeing or, as they would say in Denmark, hygge.

Autumn brings more hygge into our lives with its focus on comfort, ease and a sense of cosiness—all of which are a must for interior design trends this season. So, what are the essential design ingredients here?

2020 interior design trends: a highly hygge autumn

We have spent weeks running around and enjoying the open air at the beach and in the mountains. Now comes the snug season of the year to enjoy home interiors in every nook and cranny. This is the perfect season to create those hygge moments.

Whether at home or in other spaces, the arrival of autumn brings about changes indoors and new trends.

Designer favourites this fall

Colours: caramel, cinnamon and olive green

Earth colors, autumn interior design trends

If anything defines autumn designer trends, it is colour. We slip back to earth hues. This year’s palette brings a touch of sophistication with caramel, cinnamon and olive green, without overlooking the classics of the season: browns, beiges and russets. We crave natural elegant ambiences. Caramel turns minimalist designs into cosy nooks, whilst perfectly combining with classic furniture, bronzes and gold. Cinnamon brings warmth to a home and harmoniously pairs with woods in true hygge style. Lastly, olive green brings a touch of freshness and a Mediterranean feel to the season.

 New colours in the kitchen

Over the last year, kitchens have been the star attraction in homes making them the ideal showcase for on-trend hues.

Bronze and quartz: a match made in heaven

Decorative surfaces such as quartz provide a great sense of comfort in kitchens. They add a warm touch paired with this season’s star colours: bronze, gold and caramel.

Kitchen with the latest trends in interior design for autumn.

A perfect example can be seen in this kitchen by Snaidero Kitchens with its elegant quartz island in Unique Calacatta™. Combined with wood and spot-on décor, it certainly draws the eye.

Earth tones and grey make for warm ambiences

Pairing earth and green tones with the greys in natural materials such as Obsidiana is a key element for exclusive kitchens this autumn season.

In addition to allowing for 100% sustainable surfaces, Obsidiana brings an elegance required by the most exclusive kitchen designs. It can also be paired with another of this season’s top hues: olive green. Adding splashes of this colour on elegant surfaces creates a true autumnal feel in kitchen designs.

Marbles and natural stone

Marble and stone, interior design trend this autumn.

Marble has become a must for interior design this 2020 for those seeking elegance and panache in their homes. Both marble and other materials such as quartz have been used for centuries to adorn interiors. However, in recent years they have become essential elements to attain a feeling of comfort and quality that autumn demands.

Pairing these elements creates spacious and sophisticated atmospheres. In autumn 2020, and with 2021 fast approaching, we are set to see marble wall panels, dining room tables and detailing in bathrooms and other spaces in the home.

GrandMillenial Style

GrandMillenial Style, interior design trend this autumn.

A rattan coffee table, embroidered bed linen, tablecloths and skirts, flowery wallpaper, porcelain cups, curtains and upholstery with flower motifs and the odd vintage mirror: all essential ingredients in the GrandMillenial style.

Designers such as Lilse McKenna and Clary Bosbyshell assure us that despite it always having a presence, this trend has taken off in recent years. Of course, autumn and spring are the prevailing seasons. Millennial ‘grannies’—those born in the early years of this generation—are living through a new wave of tech detox. They are focusing on older items seen in their own grannies’ homes and in spaces that inspire a sense of peace and harmony.

Social networks have caught on to this trend, showcasing photos of classic kitchens with natural stone worktops in quartz and perfectly decorated with jugs of hydrangeas and glass candelabras.

A darker Scandinavian style

Scandinavian Style, interior design trend this autumn.

When we talk about Scandinavian style, we usually think of wood combined with white hues. This autumn, though, sees a twist in the mythical turn of this millennium style. It brings a sense of hygge calm and cosiness by embracing Gothic pairings with darker colours, whilst maintaining its traditional strengths. If you are seeking something slightly more daring, we have a suggestion. Swap out neutral tones for more racy autumn hues such as terracotta, russet, orange and brick-red.

Back to the 80s: a real Memphis fall

Memphis, interior design trend this autumn

At the start of the year, we were already seeing hints of what was to come in interior design: the 2020s are the new 80s! This year has sparked many to fill spaces with daring vivid colours and crazy prints. Many designers have taken a leaf out of the era’s playbook. They are opting for a Memphis touch in their creations in line with the architecture and design school founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980: brash and bizarre designs.

‘A table may need four legs to function, but no one can tell me that the four legs have to look the same’, Sottsass, 1981.

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