Dinara Kasko, the architect of the desserts

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Dinara Kasko

What do architecture and bakery have in common? Dinara Kasko is an architect who applies her knowledge to the art of confectionery, creating internationally recognized pieces. They combine creativity, architectural vision and innovation.

You have studied architecture. Tell us how was your stage in this discipline.

Yes, I have a degree in architecture- my specialization was computer design. I have always been good at it, and I like working with interior design better. But currently, I’m doing it not so often.

How did you start this relationship between architecture and gastronomy?

Creating a cake is similar to building a building. It’s necessary to work with the form, volume, composition, proportion, color, and texture. The right combination of all these factors will let us create a well-balanced cake and a well-balanced building.

What architectonical norms do you follow for the construction of these cakes?

Of course, there are some limitations when creating molds. The mold should be easy to use; it should have a very good base as mousse cakes are very soft and can break apart easily. So, some special rules and techniques should be followed when creating molds/cakes.


How do you define your work?

My work is to have an idea and then to get it realized. I create a model using 3D softwares, print it using plastic, and then I cast a silicone mold with the help of this plastic model. And of course, the final step is to create a recipe for this mold and make a cake.

How is the production process? Do you make renders? Do you use a printer?

I don’t always make renders – only when it’s necessary. As for the 3D printer, I use it constantly. As I previously mentioned, first, I have some ideas what I would like to create and then I think about the ways of getting these ideas realized. I use different 3D softwares to create a mold, then I print it on a 3D printer, and then cast a silicone mold. At the same time, I work on the recipe for this cake.

In what type of design or architecture do you find inspiration?

I like creations by different sculptors; there are a lot of them that I like that I can’t name only one. The same style can be seen in different directions, so it’s difficult to give a certain answer to this question.


How has your style evolved?

Three years ago, I created my first cake collection for So Good magazine, and the topic was Geometry. I used simple shapes – circle, triangle, and square, and several colors – red, black, and white. I worked in this direction for 2 years, then my style has changed, and this year I created a new collection – “Origami”.  The molds have become more complicated, and I have started using more colors. But I’m still following my concept – I like working with laconic geometrical objects. There are no decorations on my cakes as my cakes are pieces of art/decor themselves.

Is there any architectural style that you would like to take to the bakery but that is complicated?

I love parametric design. I’m always amazed and impressed by objects of this design. But currently, it’s impossible to take it to the pastry. First of all, I don’t have enough experience in modeling it (softwares are complicated), and also, I don’t know how to make objects of this design edible as they can easily break apart. It’s possible to make it using chocolate, but then it will be a chocolate sculpture. So, I’m still thinking how parametric design can be brought to the pastry.

What is the impression of people when they see your work? Are they afraid to “break” the cake?

They always get surprised. Even people who are pastry chefs and come to my classes say very often that cakes are too beautiful to be cut. But I’m never afraid to cut my cakes as they are created for eating.


Tell us about your current and future projects.

I’ve been working on a lot of projects. In summer, I’ve opened my studio in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where I have all the necessary equipment for work. I conduct master classes there from time to time. Also, I’m working on a project for opening a pastry shop in the US. I might start working on suchlike projects for opening pastry shops in Russia and Qatar. I have a planned master class in the US. Also, I have some new projects with very famous brands, and this information will be announced later.

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