The best types of marble for high traffic flooring

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Beauty – The best marble flooring

If you’re looking to incorporate a marble floor into your interior, there are many considerations, but the easiest judgment to make is the look.

Marble provides more than just a functional flooring, it is cost effective due to its durability which is something we will come to later in this post, but first let us simply admire marble’s ability to catch the eye and give elegance and light to any room.

airport type marbleThe sweeping contours of marble imitate water and reflect light, this gives a grandiose effect and a warmth that has been appreciated for centuries.

It is a sophisticated option, and if you opt for the best marble flooring you can be sure that marble will give your design a luxurious touch. There are different finishes applied to marble that can provide either a highly polished and reflective floor, or a more rustic, matte flooring that is durable and less prone to staining and chipping.

Among its characteristics stand out the ultraviolet radiation resistance as well as to rainwater since it presents components such as special pigments to optimise its performance. Moreover, marble has a really high consistency that makes it resistant to any damage it may suffer. And, finally, is an easy to clean and maintain product.

types of marbleAside from the aesthetic benefits marble offers to your flooring solution, we want to illustrate the considerations involved in choosing the right kind of marble for flooring in high-traffic areas, and also offer advice on how to maintain it and make it as cost effective as possible, providing your interior with both luxury and affordability.


Which is the best marble for high-traffic areas?

Many different types of marble can be used for flooring. The consideration is more to do with colour and design than porosity and durability of each marble type; the maintenance of all types of marble flooring is the same, protection and prevention.

The hues of Breccia marble can provide darker reds and brown and give warm tone; where Calacatta and Carrara marble are lighter and will give a more luxurious, yet cooler feel.

marble typesThe finish of the marble is a more important consideration as this will dictate the durability the floor. There are three main finishes, each of which has its pros and cons:



Treated with a penetrating filler to protect the surface and then heavily polished to become a reflective surface. This does mean a greater chance of slipping while the floor is wet.

airport floor marble


Honed marble is more popular for its slightly more matte finish. It is less slippery and more resistant to staining. It needs protecting more often as sealants will wear away faster on a honed finish, but it will maintain its look for longer.


A tumbled finish is achieved by passing the tiles through a rubber drum that contains rocks and sand, this wears down the surface and smooths the corners. This, like a honed finish, is good for high-traffic flooring as it will keep its more rustic look, it is not slippery when wet, and the sealing treatment is the same.

types marble airport

Acidic reactions

Marble is an alkaline stone and weathers over time if left alone due to natural processes such as the movement of salt through the capillaries. With high-traffic flooring there is greater risk that it will be subject to contact from acidic substances such as orange juice. Acidic liquids making contact with the marble will gouge out larger capillaries and result in permanent discolouration. Care must be taken to prevent or clean spillages quickly.



Marbles that are not manufactured are natural stone and therefore porous. This is feasible for a residential bathroom which receives little footfall, but high-traffic flooring is prone to constant wear, possible scratching and also spillages.

Following installation, protective coating must be applied and renovated periodically with an impregnating sealer. This will penetrate and bond to the stone, providing adequate protection from oils and liquids.

In the case that accidents do happen, and there is a spillage or a scratch made on the floor, there are steps that you can take to ensure the floor is maintained and its lifespan extended.

floor marble streetEven lightly acidic substances such as fruit juice can cause irreparable damage to a marble floor that is unprotected. Wiping immediately with a PH neutral cleaner will prevent any penetration from acidic liquids, and in case a stain is left for longer, there are pastes available that can penetrate deeper into the stone to remove stains.

The flooring can be mopped and dried weekly, this will help it to keep a natural look, but it should be cleaned and professionally polished before resealing. Doing this will add years to its lifespan. New sealant should be applied every 6 to 12 months. For high-traffic floors, the standard recommendation is every 1 to 3 years, but the risk of permanent damage being done when the sealant is at 11 month is high. If any liquid can penetrate the stone it cannot be remedied and a chemical reaction will take place.

floor marbleAny spillages should be dealt with using mild soap, never use any acidic substance such as vinegar to clean marble.

Marble flooring is an excellent solution for high-traffic floors. With the right care, it will give you an opulent solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. If you are in any doubt about how to treat and maintain your marble flooring, contact a professional to get advice on how to improve the lifespan and your investment.

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