17 June, 2022

GARZA CAMISAY: “We’re inspired by architecture that relates well with its context”

Together, Edna Garza and Darío Camisay make up the Garza Camisay architecture firm. With offices…
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Interior design
3 June, 2022

Japandi Style: The contemporary need for homes that focus on wellbeing.

It’s striking how modernity manages to embrace underlying needs via trends in sectors like fashion,…
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Paimio Sanatorium historical Alvaro Aalto-COMPAC
27 May, 2022

Between human and nature: Alvar Aalto, sustainable Finnish furniture

From an architectural design stance, opening the conscience to nature may involve embracing it. Its…
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13 May, 2022

César Ruiz-Larrea: ‘Our architecture seeks to never demolish, eliminate or replace. Rather, always add, transform and reuse.’

Headquartered in Madrid, Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados architecture studio was established in 1997. The studio is…
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6 May, 2022

The COMPAC universe shines bright in Miami

Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion, is COMPAC’s new design space recently opened in Miami (Florida,…
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29 April, 2022

Intimate architecture through visual language

In the same vein as ideas expressed through words or numbers, graphic design is a…
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22 April, 2022

COMPAC wins top prize at Red Dot Awards for the ICE of Genesis Collection

Receiving recognition from highly renowned institutions is a way to bolster our philosophy of ongoing…
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8 April, 2022

‘We try to avoid tampering with the natural appearance of materials and remain faithful to their original state’

The Madrid-based Mecanismo architecture studio is headed by Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica, two widely…
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25 March, 2022

Colour trends for springtime

Creative influence and strength in architecture and spatial design lies in the importance of the…
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11 March, 2022

‘Nature inspires my work. We are surrounded by beauty with an immense variety of fascinating geometries and materials. All of them have a biological and evolutionary basis’

  Pablo Vidiella Pablo Vidiella was born in Madrid in 1984. Thanks to an interest…
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