The COMPAC universe shines bright in Miami

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Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion, is COMPAC’s new design space recently opened in Miami (Florida, USA). The company never ceases to surprise with its showroom concepts. Transforming them into spaces for biomimetic immersion. It conjures a magical reconciling with nature through exclusive designs and large-scale works of art.


Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion (Miami) becomes an immersive space towards the infinite creative possibilities of the innovative materials developed by COMPAC.

Here at The Decorative Surfaces we set out on a narrative journey through COMPAC’s latest showroom that encapsulates the absolute purity of life’s lessons. Sustainability, inspiration and design become an essential and powerful homage to matter in this immersive setting. The space is dedicated to palpably experiencing what lays at the heart of the company since its early days.

Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion, Miami (Florida, USA)

Leaving aside the hugely important location in one of the top global markets, as well as the foundations laid by the leading firm in decorative quartz, terrazzo and obsidian surfaces, this clear milestone for COMPAC projects the firm’s unbroken philosophy of its original values. Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion is COMPAC’s new showroom in Miami and offers a vibrant experience and a morphological interpretation of nature in all her glory.

The space emanates an aura brimming with sensibility, inspiration and creativity. The showroom offers a nexus for designers, architects and artists. All centred around the company’s innovative materials encapsulating originality and sustainability through exclusive designs.


n Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion (Miami) MatericEmotion Room, designed by Elisa Ossino where she transfers the passion with which she is used to working with matter in which space, light and object merge. Evoking the purity of classicism.

By creating a twin sensorial and intellectual journey for visitors, COMPAC has established a focal point to highlight the importance of seeing and feeling each of its materials. The space aims to generate an ongoing dialogue between architects, designers and sector professionals. This will allow them to expand and exemplify solid tailored projects at different scales.

‘The space is a place to meet and talk to sector professionals where we not only demonstrate what we are able to do but also what architects and designers are capable of creating with our materials.’

Paco Sanchis, CEO COMPAC


At Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion (Miami), designers, architects, and industry professionals find a place to see and touch each of the materials developed by COMPAC. A space for inspiration through sensory experience.

Versatile and infinite creativity in 3D

The new space in Miami offers COMPAC the chance to once again showcase its ambitious commitment; in-house research and the latest technology. In a 147 m2-space, a unique setting is created to display innovative sustainable materials and exclusive designs. The space brings together the most brilliant minds to create large-scale sculptural works. The artistic perspective can be experienced through impressive three-metre slabs. They sublimely capture the possibilities of the material and colour palette. In turn, the huge solid 3D-sculpted pieces, such as QuartzRock by Arik Levy, demonstrate the versatility in each of COMPAC’s products. All the applications on display at Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion evince the infinite possibilities offered by the exhibited materials.

The alternatives in nature through Materic Emotion

This journey further stimulates the senses through Materic Emotion; an 80 m2 room dedicated to expressing the versatile uses of one of the most sustainable and innovative materials developed by the company: Terrazzo COMPAC.

The immersive insightful space was designed by Elisa Ossino and offers a chance to appreciate the fullest expression of Terrazzo COMPAC in every detail.

This exquisite sensual experience of Materic Emotion is enhanced by the material used in large scale formats on walls. Surfaces offering a sculpted curved morphology that showcases the material’s tender finesse. The space provides unexpected sensations that invite visitors to discover the world of COMPAC.

Ossino’s magical sculptural application embodies her inherent passion when working with materials. Especially where space, light, and objects meld together. This is where they can be transformed into an exceptional exclusive work evoking the purity and magnitude of classic designs transferred to the now. The symbiosis represents the tireless and inherent innovation and versatility of the material used to create her designs.

A sensual transfer through an artistic use of COMPAC materials which transforms these materials into artistic expression. All allowing for sparking emotions and stimulating the senses.

A homage to biomimetic matter with Arik Levy

In addition to the collaboration with the Sicilian designer and artist, Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion also palpates with other renowned materials from the company created by designer and artist Arik Levy in the ICE of Genesis Collection—winner of the prestigious international Best of the Best category at the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards.


At Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion (Miami) you can find different designs and applications of the collection designed by Arik Levy, ICE of Genesis, awarded Best of the Best of the Red Dot Design Awards 2022.

The collection is exhibited through sculptural works created by Levy to showcase the many uses for this innovative material. A series that takes inspiration from nature. Embracing and echoing it so as to encapsulate the lessons it provides to humankind. In this sense, ICE of Genesis conjures a clear sense of distinction wherever it is used. As sculptural elements or countertops, or in large-scale projects such as wall and floor coverings.

The ICE effect and the Arctic

A view to encapsulate the ICE effect—evoking frozen Arctic lakes that inspired the collection. The different designs are also exhibited in large-scale slabs, alongside other materials such as Terrazzo COMPAC and Obsidiana COMPAC. This approach enables visitors to visualise and appreciate the immense work done by the firm’s R&D&i department, as well as the technological and research progress made before the challenges inherent to any construction project in terms of sustainability, resilience and performance. COMPAC’s careful creative process provides a response to design, art and architecture needs.


Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion (Miami) is home to both sculptural pieces and large-format slabs including the ICE of Genesis Collection, winner in the prestigious international Best of the Best category at the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards.

In this way, COMPAC once again brings together the greatest minds to create disruptive designs. Strengthening product features through an incredible combination of technology and sustainability. A brilliant bond materialised in sculptural pieces. This, combined with the large-scale slabs on display at Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion, is proffered as a space for designers and architects to dialogue, create and inspire.

This place that invites you to journey through the senses; a space to dive into the COMPAC universe. Discover the dedication and commitment behind every piece from the inside out. A new setting to inspire and create.

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