Recognition for the design and architecture of SALON COMPAC, a space brimming with inspiration

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Once again, COMPAC has managed to surprise the world with the experience provided by its showroom, SALON COMPAC. Its singular and exclusive design has garnered three important international accolades. The famous US magazine Interior Design, an international benchmark in the Contract sector, awarded SALON COMPAC the prize for best Product Showroom in its Best of Year Awards event held in New York.

SALON COMPAC which is in Real de Gandia (Valencia, Spain), also received a special mention in the Architizer A+Awards in the Architecture + Experimental Design category. As such, the company consolidated its position as a leader in international architecture and design. The showroom also gained yet another important prize in the German Design Awards 2023, in the category Excellent Architecture. These awards promote sustainable transformation from the perspective of design. This prize honours SALON COMPAC for implementing an Excellent Design.

These accolades highlight the enormous importance of this space for encouraging creativity. In this way, sector professionals can immerse themselves in a sensory experience.

The result is an amazing place in which the company offers a journey of the senses. A space for taking an in-depth look at the COMPAC universe, getting a glimpse of the dedication and commitment behind its different materials.

But how exactly has COMPAC managed to transmit its philosophy in an architectural space?

The importance of architectural space in transmitting a philosophy

In addition to creating the essential atmosphere, each element carries so much more meaning than mere words can convey. SALON COMPAC is the tangible example of a philosophy centred on innovation. And not only that, but also it seeks constantly to work the material and find creative solutions with an exclusive design. It provides an inspiring space that helps sector professionals to enrich their projects and creations. As a result, they can see how the material is able to inspire creativity. They can enjoy an exclusive venue where art combines with technology and design to motivate visitors and demonstrate how COMPAC transforms materials.

By way of its unique and exceptional spaces, the company’s philosophy of Minds Over Matter is brought to life. Thus it illustrates how imagination and talent dominate materials, resulting in inspiring experiences and unique pieces.

At SALON COMPAC, the company’s relationship with the material is palpable. Consequently,   their vision, mission and values are showcased in the framework of a very special atmosphere, rich with stimuli. This immersive environment allows architects, designers and interior designers from all over the world to enrich their projects and creations.

The creative process of the material as a transformative element

The general concept of the place is encompassed by an expression that is beyond words. Accordingly, a visitor is filled with emotion and invited to feel and experience. Thus, through transformational experience, material is elevated to a level of promoting and expanding the creativity of visitors to SALON COMPAC. It is a place that both moves and inspires.

Along this journey, the process of transformation is visible, from the purest, natural raw materials to their composition and final form. Nevertheless, on this path to creating a material of impressive technical quality, technology becomes the vortex and impulse for achieving the insurmountable. A tour of SALON COMPAC creates a dialogue between the visitor and the material, guided by sustainability and elevated by COMPAC’s innovative principles.


Image 3 SALON COMPAC (Showroom Gandia, Valencia)

The driving force is based on a concept of transformation from which the material itself extends as the cornerstone. Therefore, it is presented as an excellent work resulting from almost half a century of investigating the material. Work in which COMPAC has succeeded in harnessing the requisite knowledge and technology to provide surfaces that are tremendously beautiful and versatile, able to give shape to any architectural space or element.

Exclusive artistic pieces and stunning functional elements at SALON COMPAC

Throughout SALON COMPAC, various artistic applications are displayed, featuring sculptural forms and exclusive designs. Examples include works by Arik Levy and Rubén Fuentes Fuertes. In addition, there are examples of projects carried out by COMPAC in collaboration with other designers and architecture studios such as GG Architects and Coffey Architects.


Image 4 SALON COMPAC (Showroom Gandia, Valencia)

Thanks to an exhibition that makes masterful use of geometry, lighting and angles, the company’s materials are displayed in all their versatility. As such, they provide inspiration for artists and creators who can connect with and immerse themselves in a world of infinite possibilities, based on the company’s philosophy of Minds Over Matter.

Accordingly, each of the artistic pieces and structural elements that make up SALON COMPAC has been designed and studied meticulously in terms of functionality and architecture.  Based on this concept, they manage to transform material, creating unique emotions and sensations, taking COMPAC materials to another level.



Image 5 Head, by Rubén Fuentes, SALON COMPAC (Showroom Gandia, Valencia)

Head is a fantastic piece created by the renowned artist Rubén Fuentes. It perfectly encapsulates the COMPAC philosophy of Minds Over Matter by taking the shape of material to its limits.


Hammam, created by GG Architects, is inspired by traditional Turkish baths. This piece, created exclusively for KBIS 2018, is a magnificent example of how a material can transform everyday objects into something extraordinary and unique. An example of how the material is worked to create technical excellence.


In Ghost,  Arik Levy  works with Terrazzo COMPAC to convey an emotional experience regarding the angular possibilities of the material. As such, an element is transformed to become the main feature of this internationally renowned artist’s work.


Stepwell, by Coffey Architects, was exhibited at the Milan Design Week in collaboration with Wallpaper, one of the most prestigious design, art, architecture and interior design magazines. Once again, this piece displays enormous creative versatility with a shape that plays with the material, extending beyond boundaries.


Urbanlog is a piece created by artist Arik Levy, exhibited in Milan Design Week. It is a functional sculpture, having been designed as a resting place in the Palazzo Crivel.

One of the most supremely striking architectural elements at SALON COMPAC is the staircase designed by the company’s Department of Architecture and Projects. This grand and sturdy staircase constructed with Terrazzo COMPAC demonstrates the huge potential of the products offered. It is an architectural piece where functionality is a presence, yet at the same time its sculptural aspect highlights the aesthetic aspect of the project.

A space for research and development

All the elements that make up SALON COMPAC, as well as the development required to achieve them, make this magnificent space dedicated to COMPAC products a place of experimentation. It is also a place that serves as a laboratory. Here, visitors have the opportunity to get to know, in situ, the work of COMPAC along with prestigious universities such as the Royal College of Art  or Imperial College London. In addition, they can see the infinite possibilities of new ways of creating, improving, and standing out.

Thus, SALON COMPAC opens up to the world, demonstrating the importance of looking to the  future. Where sustainability and respect for the environment are ever-present. In this way, opportunity is provided for creating new ways of reinventing the sector. A space with a clear objective, recognised internationally by the most prestigious awards in the field of design and architecture. A space imbued with the philosophy of an international company that has been striving for excellence daily for 46 years.



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