Recognition of excellence through the ARQUITECTURA Awards

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Excellence in the architecture sector becomes a benchmark event with the prestigious ARQUITECTURA Awards. These awards represent the birth of a new paradigm in the sector. They mark an unprecedented milestone, rewarding leading professionals such as Carme Pinós, Javier García-Solera Vera, Carlos Puente, Archikubik and Peris Toral. All recognised in the world of architecture for their careers and magnificent works.

Marco Vitruvius defended that architecture is born when the fact of inhabiting is established in a place and with certain artificial conditions. For this reason, and in order to understand the true meaning of what is built, it is the architect who, in addition to being a technician, must be a profound humanist. Familiar with all the disciplines that make up the very meaning of human culture.

And it is precisely in the ARQUITECTURA 2021 Awards that Vitruvius’ humanist vision becomes palpable. A recognition of nine works that are committed to the values of architecture. And also for their ability to transform and improve our lives and our environment.

Nine projects full of meaning that go beyond technique, structures to be lived in, to be experienced and enjoyed.

Family photo. CSCAE Government Team, Paco Sanchis (COMPAC CEO), governmental entities and award winners.

All the winning projects received the iconic award sculpture, ‘TOITS’. Made from Obsidian COMPAC, a material developed using pioneering techniques and composed of 100% recycled and recyclable glass.

With this meeting, it is clear that there is a need for architecture to create spaces to inhabit driven by sustainability and respect for the environment. Quality environments. More human spaces. This is where the primary and ultimate meaning of architecture lies.

A prestigious meeting for Architecture

These ARQUITECTURA awards are organised by the CSCAE (Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de España). And COMPAC is their official sponsor. Aside from the emotion of this event, unquestionably, there is a movement towards the future of each and every one of the agents involved in architecture. A way of committing to sustainability, the future, and life. These awards have become a benchmark in the architecture sector. This highly distinguished event highlights the importance of architecture in transforming and improving our lives and our environment.

A necessary boost to the values of Architecture.

The ARCHITECTURE 2021 Awards represent a new paradigm in the recognition of architecture and its professionals. A meeting of enormous prestige that marks an historic moment within the sector. It has become a highly reputable event.


Through the award-winning projects, an important meeting is created that highlights the importance of having an environment built by architects. One that responds to values that are important in the contemporary world and necessary in the future.

Values such as sustainability and health, the New Bauhaus, social and ethical commitment, the profession, RE values (which stand for Rehabilitation, Renovation and Regeneration) and habitat.

And in this milestone for the world of architecture, the impact on the competition – created for the occasion – of the design of the award’s Sculpture is particularly important. This has been made possible by COMPAC. The sculpture has already become the iconic image of the CSCAE ARQUITECTURA Awards. A seal of excellent quality full of meaning for those architects who will be recognised with this prize in the future.

TOITS’ icon and seal of quality for Architecture

During the meeting, the production of this magical piece, using the most sustainable material developed by COMPAC, could be seen.

Endorsed by Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze certification, Obsidian COMPAC reflects the commitment to a necessary future, where sustainability and the enjoyment of built space is a universal right.

Paco Sanchis, COMPAC CEO, during his intervention.

Paco Sanchis (COMPAC CEO)

acknowledged the importance for the company of being part of such an important event. One that shares the same values as COMPAC. Values that COMPAC has always pursued since its creation: innovation, continuous research and sustainability. COMPAC faces new challenges with a disruptive approach dominated by creativity and social commitment.

Thus, all the values defended by COMPAC are embodied in a piece that is filled with meaning from the material chosen. ‘TOITS’ is produced with a state-of-the-art, sustainable and disruptive material. It is concentrated in a sublime design that makes it an excellent piece of design. An iconic award for architecture. It reflects the creative play through the creation of different atmospheres.

Jairo Rodríguez Andrés, Manuel Fernández Catalina and Ana Muñoz López, receiving their prize for the Sculpture Competition, for their project ‘TOITS’.

Winning projects of the ARQUITECTURA Awards 2021

These new ARQUITECTURA Awards are articulated around the values of quality architecture, which have a direct impact on the standard of living of the population.

Thus, projects were recognised in relation to universal, cultural and artistic values. Social and ethical values. Professional, basic values of Architecture and Urbanism, rehabilitation, renovation and regeneration. With these premises, the categories and projects awarded with the sculpture ‘TOITS’ were:

  • Sustainability and Health Award

    In the Universal Values category, recognition was given to the project for the Refurbishment of the public spaces of the Explanada del Horizonte, Porticelo, Pontevedra. A project by María Fandiño Iglesias that illustrates a new way of working with the territory and the landscape. A way of working that aligns with strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Explanada del Horizonte, Porticelo, Pontevedra, Spain – Photo credits: Héctor Santos-Díez

  • The New Bauhaus Award (Cultural and Artistic Values)

    The award was presented to the Helga de Alvear Contemporary Art Museum, Cáceres. A project by Emilio Manuel Tuñón Álvarez. The project responds in an exemplary manner to the questions of how the building integrates in the site, the articulation between the new and the existing, and the clear expression of its use.

Helga de Alvear Contemporary Art Museum, Cáceres, Spain – Photo credits: Amores Pictures / Luis Asín

  • The Commitment Award (Social and Ethical Values)

    The prize was awarded to Bloque 6×6, Girona, Spain.  A project by Ramon Bosch i Pagès and Elisabet Capdeferro i Pla. It calls for the discipline of architecture to function as a generator of domestic atmospheres, optimal microclimates for human life. Configured through efficient management of the material and natural resources available.

Bloque 6×6, Girona, Spain – Photo credits: José Hevia.

  • Profession Award

    This award brought together such necessary professional values as in the case of the UCI-COVID Building project, in Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, Barcelona. It is the work of Patricio Martínez González, Maximià Torruella i Castel, and Luis Miguel Gotor Navarra. An award-winning project for providing an efficient response to exceptional social needs through good planning and technological innovation. And, moreover, maintaining traditional values related to habitability.

UCI-COVID Building, in Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, Barcelona, Spain – Photo credits: PMMT Arquitectura / DEL RIO BANI©.

  • Habitat Award

    The basic values of Architecture and Urban Planning was awarded to the Son Caulelles residence for the elderly, Portol (Mallorca). A project by Santiago Vives i Sanfeliu, Tomás Montis Sastre and Adria Clapés Nicolau. It highlights optimisation of its dimensions to adapt the building to the people who live in it. And it offers a social, sustainable and popular commitment.

Son Caulelles residence for the elderly, Portol (Mallorca, Spain), Photo credits: Alejandro Gómez Vives and others.

  • Re Award

    To commemorate projects that embody values associated with rehabilitation, renovation and regeneration, this award was presented to the Espai Santa Eulàlia, Gironella (Barcelona). A project by Carles Enrich i Gimenez that consists of adaptation of the old church of Gironella (Barcelona) to a cultural centre for the performing arts.

Espai Santa Eulàlia, Gironella (Barcelona, Spain), Photo credits: Adrià Goula.

Special Mentions in the ARQUITECTURA Awards

In addition to these awards, three special distinctions were presented:

The Spanish Architecture Award 2021 to the Social Housing project, in Cornellà. A project by Marta Peris Eugenio and José Manuel Toral Fernández (Peris+Toral Arquitectes). With this project they have managed to reduce the footprint by 55% less than an equivalent conventional building.

The Spanish Urban Planning Award 2021 to Agrocity Gagarine Truillot, Ivry-sur-Seine (France), by Miquel Àngel Lacasta i Codorniu, Carmen Santana Serra and Marc Chalamanch i Amat (Atelier Archikubik). For being a paradigmatic example of comprehensive urban regeneration of a working-class neighbourhood near Paris.

The 2021 Permanence Award went to Aulario 3 (lecture room) at the University of Alicante. A project by Javier García-Solera Vera, rewarded both for its correct ageing and for its contemporary relevance.

Finally, to close this magnificent gala, the architects Carme Pinós and Carlos Puente received ex aequo awards. A prestigious Gold Medal of Architecture. An award that the CSCAE has been presenting since 1981 to the best professional careers in architecture and urban planning.

The ARQUITECTURA Awards have become, from this edition, a benchmark for the recognition of excellence of architecture professionals. Placing the focus on the value of architecture in transforming and improving life and the environment.

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