Living spaces in 2022

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While intimate spaces are designed to make us feel safe, they also follow trends to suit those who live there. Decorating a room or space is, in part, how we tune our self into our surroundings. After a period filled with instability and uncertainty, interior design trends for 2022 are focusing on comfort, warmth, naturalness and what is truly important: life itself.

Sustainability and nature sublimely and magically sit alongside the industrial; and this counterbalancing conjures a sense of harmony. Organic elements are able to provide a sense of safe haven, whilst the trend for industrial-style materials seeks not to imitate or hide away, but rather provide a clear counterweight.

Industrial style furniture, a 2022 trend.

Berman and Warner Collection | Industrial-style furniture – Ámbar Muebles / Paco Escribá Muebles (

Here at The Decorative Surfaces, we take a look at trends in materials, colours, textures and applications for 2022—a year of hope that looks straight-ahead in respect of nature. Life that flows rather than imposes.

Interior design trends in 2022

Beyond materiality, this year’s trends look towards philosophy, hope and refuge. A wide variety of styles are set to come together, such as japandi, as well as philosophies such as wabi-sabi. The latter conjures a solid safe haven through how interior design elements are selected and laid out.

Décor trends in 2022

As mentioned, decorating styles are adopting two very different trends: one more organic and one more industrial. In addition, a popular colourist style from the 2000’s may also be used in combination with the previous two approaches. All these styles sit together respectfully and harmoniously. No material attempts to imitate the morphology of another; the purity of each serves as a pretext to understand the diverse, inclusive world around us.

An interest in the living is materialised through wooden floors, stone, sunlight and the inclusion of indoor plants, creating spaces filled with connections and serenity for those inside, and marking them out from the digital world.

In 2022, the main trend will be organic and natural materials.

Plants and organic, natural materials conjure safe havens. Photography: @thishouse5000.

Alongside the industrial and organic, we find an adapted trend from the 2000’s. This Y2K style was seen in fashion trends in 2020 and is set to enter the home through décor. Bright vibrant colours are integrated into spaces in the form of cushions, neon lights or walls filled with photographs.

Cushions, textures and neon colours for 2022.

Cushions, textures and neon perfectly combine in rooms such as bedrooms for children or youths. Photograph: @my_homey_room.

This style provides reflections and gloss after a period where matt finishes dominated. The trends for 2022 take inspiration from textures and contrast. Indeed, emotions are partly sparked through elements such as intense colour palettes and lighting.

Style and function in 2022

And beyond the purely visual, 2022 will be marked by a sense of functionality: what is useful and necessary whilst respecting nature. This is reflected in the preference for ever more common recycled and recyclable materials, as well as vintage retro styles. The coming year will heavily include this visual approach, adding a touch of personality to rooms through glossy or velvety textures.

Wallpaper will trend in 2022.

Wallpaper will be setting trends. Photograph: @atomic_hideaway

Vintage is also shifting towards the organic with rounded shapes, eco materials and resin furniture—a material that offers a fascinating conceptual visual style. All this combined with curves, organics and colours based on nature.


Beyond the aesthetic, it is clear that homes in 2022 will continue to be filled with life, just as last year, although they are set to incorporate a nostalgic touch to help conjure a sense of refuge—a place where we can be ourselves, live and work. A space where we come together, learn and map our lives. Places that look towards the future.

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