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Rocío Esquilas: ‘Light is the most important ingredient in a design project’

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An interview with Rocío Esquilas, interior designer at Roma & Ro.  We talk to Rocío Esquilas, an avid social media user, about social networks and her take on the profession.

Do social networks really help inspire a designer or are they just background noise?

Social networks are hugely important. They enable us to discover suppliers, designers and even trends to use on our projects. I am a big fan of social networks.

Which social network do you prefer to promote your projects/get to know other professionals and which do you use as inspiration?

Personally I use each network for a different thing. Instagram is a showcase to promote your projects in a single image; I use Twitter a lot for my blog, when I’m going to an event and I want to ‘broadcast’ it.

Which designers do you most admire online? And why?

I love @MartadelaRica, she is immensely stylish and showcases it perfectly on her social media. When you see one of her photos in a magazine or online, you know it is hers. I also like @karim_design, his social media are really fun, just like his designs.

How has the interior design world changed with the use of social media?

In my opinion, completely. You can reach lots of people to promote your work and also learn about what is happening in other countries around the world. For example, if you are unable to go to a fair in Paris or Milan, you can travel there virtually over social media and follow what is going on.

How would you define your style?

I have a contemporary baseline for décor and a more modern approach for renovations. I think the baseline for any space has to be modern and even ‘flat’, to then be able to offer good interior design.

Which specific place would you like to turn into a Rocío Esquilas signature space?

Public buildings seem like a really fun challenge. Clients are more open to doing a design project. I’d also love to decorate a small 7-8 room hotel.

What are the current trends and where are we heading?

People want to invest in decorating their home and that’s great. They are starting to understand that design is not just fashion, and they now want their homes to shine. I think there is no single trend to follow as every client’s home comes with a very personal touch.

For you, what is makes a good designer stand out from the crowd?

Light is the most important ingredient in a design project. You can create a beautiful space but if it’s badly lit, it doesn’t sparkle.

Rocío, what do you like to convey through your designs?

The possibilities of spaces and how to get the most out of them so that people feel comfortable there. We often associate décor with ‘luxury’, but there are lots of ways to decorate a space.

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