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Unmissable architecture events in 2019

Water as the main feature in liveable architecture

Adapting to available space is one element of creative architectural design that adjusts to current realities. Climate change is a pressing issue that this area of study addresses directly. Adapting...

Excellence through the looking glass

All the breadth and scope of a reflecting element can be found in mirrors. A looking glass provides a means of understanding and interpreting space in an astonishing way. The...

“Architecture is less about the artist with a blank canvas, but more akin to a photographer seeking out a composition in time and space”

Form Found Design has a very unique way of understanding architecture, a form of connecting nature and technology. This studio, based in Los Angeles, works to conquer the mastery of...
The Bosjes Chapel is also an example of undulating architecture
2 July, 2021

The sensory magic of undulating architecture

The aim of curved lines in architectural design is to enhance the sensory aspects of…
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The garden as a resource by Claude Monet.
25 June, 2021

Landscape architecture and enlarged souls

The importance of nature is reflected in how it offers us humans the lifeforce it…
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Tomás Fernández and Luis Sánchez Blasco, directors of Arquitectos Madrid 2.0.
18 June, 2021

Tomás Fernández and Luis Sánchez Blasco: ‘We always try to incorporate natural materials such as stone in our projects, seeking sustainability and a better relationship with the surroundings’

Tomás Fernández and Luis Sánchez Blasco welcome us into their architecture studio, Arquitectos Madrid 2.0,…
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Ice White at Design Shanghai 2021
11 June, 2021

The shape of commitment through unique COMPAC designs at Design Shanghai 2021

The convergence of innovation, technology and sustainability morphs into exclusivity in the high-end designs presented…
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Arik Levy's design at Design Shanghai.
4 June, 2021

Asian connections through COMPAC design

Shanghai becomes the beating heart of design as one of the most prestigious international fairs…
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Fall House in California.
21 May, 2021

Architectural introspection through elevation

Atoms, in their natural state, have the same number of protons as electrons. Nonetheless, the…
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Hyunsoo Kim and Seongbeom Mo, founders of MoKim Studio.
7 May, 2021

Hyunsoo Kim and Seongbeom Mo (MoKim): “There is still a way to connect the city to naturecon”

opened their studio MoKim in 2019 after they have benefit themselves with over ten years…
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Experimental relationship between product and architecture at BbyB Ginza.
30 April, 2021

The experimental maxim: materials that become signifiers

The need for commercial structures to establish a direct link to the concept of the…
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The Grand Budapest Hotel and its cinematic languages.
23 April, 2021

Cinematic languages: where imagine connects to reality through architecture

Being present is a human activity conditioned by the concept we have of what surrounds…
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Christian de Portzamparc created one of the temples of fashion.
16 April, 2021

Temples of fashion: the shining crossover between the worlds of architecture and luxury fashion

When it comes to architecture, any doubts about its ability to interlace all its constituent…
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