The most popular buildings on Instagram

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When we say instagrammable, we mean the standout visuals of a particular place, so an instagrammable building is one that encapsulates so much visual potential that is worthy of being zealously uploaded onto a social network, commented on, liked and shared. An instagrammable building is an objectively renowned jewel, an icon, the place where all your photos take on prominence and garner envy and attraction. But what makes these places so? Below are five of the most instagrammable buildings in the world.

The Muralla Roja in Calpe (Spain)

Located in the Alicante town of Calpe, the Muralla Roja or Red Wall is considered to be the most instagrammable spot in the world. Designed by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill Levi, it stands out for the colours on the many façades—a polychrome play on pinks, blues and reds which, in the 21st century of today and with the explosion of social networks, functions like a huge photo call. The maze-like building on the Mediterranean coast is inspired by the Kasbahs seen in countries such as Algeria or Morocco, with high towers and classic hidden staircases whose steps lead to treasures therein. One highlight is the Latin cross-shaped swimming pool with its impressive views: depending on where you look out from, visitors enjoy a sensation of being lost at sea. In short, whoever is looking to explore the social phenomenon of this atypical neighbourhood can snap themselves alongside any of its 50 apartments and upload their photo to Instagram with the hashtags #murallaroja and #lamurallaroja. They will join the many thousands who have already snapped themselves there.

City of Arts and Sciences (Spain)

This is not actually a single building but rather all those comprising the popular architectural complex, each with their own aesthetic pull. The City of Arts and Sciences was designed by Santiago Calatrava and works as both a backdrop to photos and as a stage for futuristic blockbusters (George Clooney shot some scenes from Tomorrowland here). The complex is situated in the former riverbed of the Turia, in Valencia, and presides over what is itself an iconic neighbourhood in the urban environment of this Mediterranean capital. In addition to its specific-use buildings, such as the Ocenogràfic oceanarium or the Opera, the complex also houses a space for exhibitions and open-air concerts, with nooks used by global influencers as photographic backdrops.

Taj Mahal (India)

The fact that a mausoleum is one of the most instagrammable buildings in the world is not farfetched. In fact, this is an inherent feature of the particular language of this social network: the Taj Mahal is instagrammable precisely because it is one of the most visited and celebrated monuments in the world. Indeed, it is one of the famous Seven Wonders. To get one or several good shots, it is best to visit early in the morning, when the masses have yet to arrive and the sun has yet to bear down. The doors open at dawn and close at dusk, so it is a good idea to check the times before heading out. Also bear in mind that the Taj Mahal opens five nights a month: at full moon and the two days before and after.

Empire State Building (USA)

In truth, any skyscraper in Manhattan is instagrammable. They all have a certain je ne sais quoi. We are highlighting the Empire State Building as it was the world’s tallest for over forty years, from the time it was finished in 1931 up to 1972. It is also the building King Kong scaled with his beloved Ann clasped in his right fist. The Empire State is iconic and highly photogenic. In fact, the building has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the modern era by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Just search for the #empirestatebuilding tag on Instagram to evidence its popularity: there are photos from all different perspectives, from the base to the viewing platform, jutting out from the New York skyline and searing in romantic snapshots. It undoubtedly enhances any photo taken in the heart of Manhattan.

Cloud Forest (Singapore)

The ultra modern city of Singapore is home to the botanical gardens of the new millennium—Gardens by the Bay and the standout Cloud Forest. If you have yet to go there, it’s probably hard to imagine it: think of a 35-metre hill with tropical plants and others that seem to grow upwards alongside an immense waterfall; now think of all that enclosed within a building! The luxuriant Cloud Forest is often portrayed under the #gardenbythebay hashtag with hundreds of thousands of photo-hunters trying to capture an original perspective. As with all the buildings mentioned here, this is no easy task.

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