A tour of the Balearics through Mediterranean-style buildings

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Over twenty countries and three different continents are bathed by Mediterranean waters.  Lands that share coastline, climate and customs. Coastal living makes for a calm and relaxing life style with a different outlook. The slower pace means no overloading, with homes filled with light. The materials used in the walls and ceilings of every home reflect this philosophy.

Architecture in the Balearic Islands.

Here at The Decorative Surfaces our tour of the Balearic Islands takes us to some Mediterranean-style homes that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.  They share certain features: natural materials, nature as a backdrop and above all a strong impression of light. A very special style with Greek, Spanish and Italian influences that celebrate  the coastal way of life all year round.

Tradition is paramount and evident in these homes and gardens. The Balearics are a perfect example of how this architectural style has set a trend.

Harmonising with the Majorcan landscape at Casa PI

The Munarq architecture studio (Majorca) is a benchmark for Mediterranean style. Focusing on the way buildings interact with the landscape, their structures do not impose but seem permeated with the sea air. The potential of this natural simplicity is explored in projects such as Casa PI in Sa Cabaneta.  This home has been respectfully and carefully created to harmonise with its setting, a village renowned for its traditional ceramics and pottery.

Casa PI in the Balearic Islands.

Casa PI, Sa Cabanera (Munarq Studio, 2016)

The presence of water is a feature of this architectural style. It is linked to the quality of the land, sea and surrounding nature. In turn, light is enhanced with basic materials such as stucco, always white combined with neutral wood for beams, doors and windows.

Ibizan sunsets at Ca Na Maria

Laura Torres Roa and Alfonso Miguel Cabanero designed this magnificent architectural project on Spain’s most idyllic Mediterranean island. Time and again Ibiza draws us to its beautiful countryside and beaches. White, shades of blue and wood are the epitome of this style. And it is easy to chill and take a break from the daily grind.

White, blue and wood are the colours of Balearic Island architecture.

Ca Na Maria (Laura Torres Roa y Alfonso Miguel Cabanero)

Mediterranean style radiates from the Ca Na Maria project. The exterior walls showcase the play of light and shadow through windows with overhang. These create a relaxed Mediterranean vibe. Sunsets, the changing light, the sun’s track and an all-pervading sensation of life itself.

Rural and Mediterranean Minorca in Es Mercadal

This project is set in the heart of this serene island. It highlights the charm of the Balearic lifestyle away from the coast. Local architect María Senabre juxtaposes traditional and modern styles in this country house. Both these aspects beautifully enhance a sense of time and place.

The way in which these two components are put together and aesthetically composed inspire a dialogue of reflection. The project showcases characteristic Mediterranean style. It adapts to the natural landscape, which is apparent in every wall and angle. These are respected and integrated to create the warmth of the essential experience. This is achieved with the use of local stone walls. These were a traditional feature used to protect against the area’s fierce winds.

House in a natural setting in the Balearic Islands.

Geometry and nature and Formentera

Marià Castelló designed this small space—an idyllic architectural project on the smallest island in the Balearic archipelago. A home on a modest budget, with great character and an evocative traditional concept. The elongated geometrical structure is a nod to one of the creatures most associated with the island. At night, the magical atmosphere is enhanced by the dimmed yellow lighting inspiring a sense of calm.

Geometry and nature in Formentera.

With its clear Mediterranean style, this project inclines discreetly towards a subtle perfection. What is idyllic in this approach and its forms is a sense of austerity, calm and harmony with nature.

Each of these projects are united and integrated with common elements that reflect a characteristic way of life. The island’s quintessential nature is reflected through light, sunshine, water and tradition. There is respect for nature. An earthly surrender to life itself.